With every the readjust our civilization saw over the past year, civilization are relying much more than ever before on high-quality, update information about the places about them — choose if a adjacent restaurant is open up or if a regional grocery store has updated hours.

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To make sure your map shows the genuine world, we make it simple for anyone v a Google account to contribute their local knowledge about much more than 200 million locations in Google Maps. These community-led updates help people anywhere make far better decisions about what come do and where come go. And also at the love of the fresh info you watch on Google Maps are regional Guides. This ar of contributors who aid others by update Google Maps has actually reached a brand-new milestone: 150 million regional Guides about the world. 

Today, we’re introducing three brand-new Google Maps functions that will aid make sharing and also finding neighborhood recommendations and also information easier.

Leave reviews and also updates as component of a ar challenge

We see people showing love and support for regional businesses in Google Search and Maps by leaving photos, composing reviews or to update factual information like a store’s new hours. We desire to amplify the same local love v a feature we are now piloting.

For the following month, most human being using Android in the U.S. Deserve to join our very first nationwide difficulty to rally advantageous reviews, photos and updates from sea come shining sea. Merely jump into the add tab in Google Maps to sign up with the “Local Love challenge” and include ratings, reviews and confirm info to support neighborhood businesses you’ve visited, from her go-to bakery to the ar hardware store. Every contribution will certainly count towards a cumulative goal of to update 100,000 businesses. We’ll usage feedback ~ above the local Love an obstacle to overview future campaigns in more countries.


Share your latest experiences with picture updates top top Maps

Seeing is believing and also photos are a an excellent way to learn much more about a place. Yet sometimes you require a little much more information, like if a restaurant’s outdoor dining area is shaded on hot days or just how crowded a parking lot because that a famous hiking follow can acquire on the weekends. At various other times, you can just want to re-publishing a helpful tip on Google Maps without having to leaving a rating or review. In the comes weeks, we’ll roll out a brand-new content form in Google Maps: photograph updates — an easy way to find and share experiences and also highlights with recent photos. A Google Maps photograph update is a recent photo of a place with a quick text description, without the need to leave a review or rating. 

Simply walk to the “Updates” tab when you’re looking at a place in Google Maps to check out the recent photos the merchants and also other civilization have shared. To add your very own update, insanity the “upload a photo update” button, pick your photos, leave a brief description and also post. Girlfriend can short article as numerous photos together you want and also find photo updates the others have left in the to update tab. 


Draw brand-new or missing roads top top Maps 

We’ve made it less complicated for you to report road alters with a new, immersive desktop road editing tool. As soon as you view a road missing on maps.google.com, simply click the side food selection button, go to “Edit the map”, and also select “Missing Road.” currently the strength to map is in her hands! 

Add absent roads by illustration lines, quickly rename roads, readjust road directionality, and realign or delete not correct roads. Friend can even let us understand if a roadway is closed v details prefer dates, reasons and also directions. Come make certain the suggestions and also edits space accurate, we’ll vet added road updates prior to publishing them.

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This function is rolling the end over the comes months in an ext than 80 nations where human being can currently report road updates top top Google Maps.