The Home display screen widgets represent one of the biggest alters coming come the iphone in iOS 14. The initial Developer Beta had a bug that prevent the indigenous Weather Widget indigenous updating other locations. The glance was stuck top top the default Cupertino screen. This has been resolved in the iOS 14 windy Beta 2 and also in this post we’ll take it a watch at how you can edit the Weather Widget location. This way you can actively use the glance!

The Weather Widget is included by default come the iOS 14 Today view. Swipe-right top top the Home display to lug up the now View. Next, you have the right to drag & fall the Weather widget come the preferred iPhone Home display page. If you’re no OK with the size little size, you can remove the widget and add a bigger one following the tutorials detailed below!

How To modify Weather Widget Location


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Long-press the Weather Widget, accessible on her iPhone or iPad residence Screen.2. Tap on Edit Widget. Or, “Edit Weather” if you’re modifying the Weather location in a clever Stack.3. You have the right to either let her iPhone determine your current location, or tap top top the Location field to manually entry the preferred location.4. Search for a specific location, or pick a predefined one obtainable in the drop-down list.Fact: The conserved locations have been offered by previously with the share Weather app.5. insanity on one empty space ~ above the screen, exterior the Weather widget to get back to the house Screen and also save your selection.

How To add The Weather Widget to iPhone house Screen

The native Weather glance have the right to be added in the today View or on any kind of other Home display page.1. Long-press an application icon or any type of empty an are on the iphone phone Home display to enter ‘jiggle mode’.2. insanity the “+” icon easily accessible in the top-left corner of the screen.3. role the Widgets gallery until you with the Weather glance. Insanity it.4. pick the dimension of the widget. Tiny is easily accessible by default, swipe-right because that medium and also large.5. madness ‘Add Widget’ and also you’re done.

Tip: When including the weather widget friend can likewise select the Smart Stack widget type. It has by default the Weather glance amongst other aboriginal iOS 14 widgets like: Photos, Calendar, Music, Podcasts, Fitness and Maps.

Are you making use of the iOS 14 share Weather widget, or you favor to wait because that one sustained by a 3rd party weather app? permit us understand in the comments sections available below.

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