Please note: if your an equipment is to run Android Nougat or higher, your optimisation application will it is in called device maintenance, an equipment care, or Battery and device care. Uncover out much more about machine care.

You are watching: How do i check my phone for malware released smart Manager in 2015, i beg your pardon helps customers scan and also optimise their cellphones in 4 areas: Battery, Storage, RAM and also Security.The below article will show you exactly how to use the Security duty of clever Manager to save your maker secure.Smart Manager automatically scans frequently for malicious software and provides an anti-malware equipment through a partnership through Intel Security.You can also run an ad hoc scan at any kind of time by following the below steps:




4The last time that your an equipment was scanned will be visible on the top right. Madness SCAN NOW come scan again.


If clever Manager detects malware on your device, friend will view screens similar to the below. 

If you have actually a third-party antivirus app installed on her device, check the app developer"s website to familiarise yourself with the expected notification friend will view if that app detects a problem.



Fake "your maker is infected" notifications

Be conscious that unscrupulous advertisers will frequently use "your machine is infected" pop-ups to persuade you to click them. These can it is in malware or phishing attempts, but castle can likewise be make the efforts to sway you to download an app or visit your website.

These pop-ups will usually turn up while girlfriend are searching the Internet. Indications that they are not actual include continual buzzing, bright flashing lights or garish text, and also lots the exclamation point out (!!!!).

If you are unsure if a malware an alert is genuine, close your Internet internet browser or the app without click further, then run the clever Manager protection scan or your anti-virus app as per the over steps.

I think I have a virus. My an equipment is acting up

If your device is to run slowly, it might be under to a troublesome app, or to low storage space. You have the right to try clearing her cache or deleting apps friend don"t need.

If friend think you have a virus, you must restart your device in Safe setting to see if the problem comes from an app.

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Safe setting runs your device with default settings. It does no reset or delete any type of information from her device.