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White residence Office1600 Pennsylvania path NW., Washington, DC 20500


CHIEF that STAFFRonald A. Klain
National defense AdvisorJacob J. Sullivan
White home CounselDana A. Remus
Deputy national Security AdvisorElizabeth D. Sherwood-Randall
Press SecretaryJennifer R. Psaki
TO THE an initial LADY
Chief of StaffJulissa Reynoso Pantaleón
Senior AdvisorAnthony Bernal


Senior AdvisorsMichael C. Donilon
Cedric L. Richmond
Homeland SecurityElizabeth D. Sherwood-Randall
National ClimateRegina A. McCarthy
ScienceEric S. Lander


Katherine J. Bedingfield
Anthony R. Bernal
Brian C. Deese
Jennifer B. Dillon
Michael C. Donilon
Anne E. Filipic
Jonathan J. Finer
Ronald A. Klain
Regina A. McCarthy
Jennifer R. Psaki
Bruce N. Reed
Dana A. Remus
Cedric L. Richmond
Domestic PolicySusan E. Rice
Climate and also Science company PersonnelJeffrey Marootian
Climate PolicyDavid J. Hayes
Economic PolicyJoelle Gamble
ImmigrationTyler Moran


Jennifer B. Dillon
Bruce N. Reed


CommunicationsKatherine J. Bedingfield
Intergovernmental AffairsJulie Rodriguez
Legislative AffairsLouisa Terrell
Management and also AdministrationAnne Filipic
Oval Office OperationsAnnie Tomasini
Presidential CorrespondenceEva Kemp
Presidential PersonnelCatherine M. Russell
Public EngagementCedric L. Richmond
SpeechwritingVinay Reddy
White home Military OfficeMaju Varghese
White home PersonnelCatherine Russell


Amber Macdonald
Jeffrey Nussbaum

The above list of an essential personnel to be updated 7–2021. The updating procedure remains in progress.

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The White home Office offer the chairman in the performance of the plenty of detailed tasks incident to his prompt office.


On September 8, 1939, president Franklin D. Roosevelt signed an stimulate that established the divisions of the executive, management Office the the President and defined their functions and also duties. The nationwide Archives released Executive bespeak No. 8248 in the commonwealth Register (4 FR 3864) 4 job later. The President"s order created the White house Office as among five divisions within the executive Office. It additionally defined the Office"s duties and functions as "to offer the president in an intimate capacity in the performance of the countless detailed tasks incident come his prompt office."

The President"s staff facilitates and maintains interaction with the Congress, the top of executive agencies, the press and also other information media, and also the general public. The various aides to the President assist the president in such matters as he or she might direct.

Sources of Information

Archived Records

The "Guide to Federal documents in the national Archives the the joined States" shows that White house Office records have actually been assigned come record team 130.

Career Opportunities

The White home Fellows program uses gifted and also highly motivated young americans firsthand endure with the process of administer the nation and a feeling of an individual involvement in the leadership of society.

Coronavirus condition 2019 (COVID–19)

The Biden-Harris administration is responding to the general public health and also economic situation that the COVID-19 outbreak proceeds to cause. The president is pushing for activity by the Federal federal government to help protect and also support caregivers, families, first responders, small-businesses owners, and also others whose wellness or economic stability has actually been affected adversely.

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Ethics Pledge

A perform of waiver certifications for White house Office employees is posted in Portable file Format (PDF), because that viewing and downloading, at the bottom the the "Disclosures" web page, under the heading "Ethics Pledge Waivers."

Federal Register

Documents that the White residence Office released in the commonwealth Register are easily accessible online.