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Delete her comment: choose the three dots come the right of the comment > Delete > Delete.Delete someone else’s comment on one of her posts: pick the three dots beside the comment > Delete.Edit a comment: select the three dots beside the comment > Edit. Girlfriend can't edit someone else's comment.

If you've ever challenged the scare of posting a talk about Facebook that you didn't average to post, then you recognize how essential it is come know exactly how to delete a talk about Facebook. It's basic to delete or edit a comment, yet the an approach you use will vary depending on where you've posted it and also whether you desire to delete your own, or who else's enhancement to among your posts.

exactly how to remove a Comment From facebook

In many cases, deleting a discuss Facebook just takes one or two rapid steps.

If you've posted a comment on your very own or who else's post, just choose the 3 dots to the right of your comment and also select Delete native the pull-down menu.


Keep in mind the to delete who else's talk about Facebook, the post needs to it is in a response to one of your posts or if who made a short article on her wall. You can't delete someone else's talk about someone else's post, and you can't delete someone else's short article on your own wall or who else's wall.

You can delete a comment post by someone in a Facebook team or web page that girlfriend manage. The process is similar to deleting someone's talk about your an individual wall. Choose the three dots to the best of the comment and also select Delete native the pull-down menu.

Keep in mind the you can't edit someone's comment, even if it's post to your wall or your Facebook team or Page.

Why Delete a comment on Facebook?

There space a most reasons you may want come delete either your own comment or someone else's comment on a facebook post.

People misunderstood what you"ve posted and you"d choose to remove it entirely.After more research, you"ve found that miscellaneous you post is incorrect.You acquired in trouble for other you posted to Facebook and also you"re compelled to delete the comment or challenge consequences.You obtained many an unfavorable responses to your comment and also you"d like to remove the entire conversation native Facebook.

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Remember that if you delete a comment that a lot of of human being have comment to, it'll likewise delete every one of those replies. If girlfriend don't desire to eliminate the replies native Facebook, you might want to consider editing her comment rather than deleting it.