If you explained Netflix come me 15 years earlier I would have thought you to be crazy. On the surface, it seems prefer an incredible and also revolutionary website, and it is.

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But, despite every one of the enjoyment and also ‘chilling’ Netflix has lugged us since its streaming debut in 2010, it has actually been the destroy of productivity and an excellent quality sleep.

Fortunately, there’s a solution. If you’re having actually trouble keeping off the platform, climate you need to learn exactly how to delete her Netflix account, for this reason you deserve to start focusing on the more important points in life.

You know, favor spending your weekends effectively.

By the way, if girlfriend cancel your membership, then Netflix will certainly delete your account in ~ 10 month automatically. However, that’s too lengthy for some people. That’s why we’ve created this overview to release Netflix without having to wait nearly a year. It does need an extra step, though, however don’t worry. That doesn’t take it long.

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Step 1 – Cancel your Netflix Membership

Go come the homepage and click on her user in the peak right.


Then, navigate to her account and press the “Cancel Membership” button.


You’ll check out a confirmation screen, simply click Finish Cancellation” and there girlfriend go. Your membership has actually been cancelled.


If you desire to leaving it there, your account will be turned off in 10 months. But, for those that you want to permanently delete Netflix ideal now, keep reading to see exactly how to do it.

Step 2 – call Support

Unfortunately, if you want to gain it done as quickly as possible, you’re walk to have to call support. There’s no much longer an choice to e-mail Netflix, at least not v their website, for this reason you’ll have to call them or begin a live chat.

Head end to the “Help Centre” by clicking your user in the height right.


Then, click the button at the bottom that the web page to “Start Live Chat”. Select the option to tell lock what your worry is emphasize in red.


Send lock a message saying “I desire to delete mine Netflix account” and then press submit.


Once you’ve excellent this, support should guide you through the process of deleting her account. It shouldn’t take long, Netflix support is rather robust.

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And that’s it. Currently that you’ve deleted her Netflix account you have the right to get ago to doing every the points you love, choose binging YouTube videos and watching among the billion other streaming services out there.