Google image is an applications that is available on both Android and iOS. Since it is cloud-based software, this means that all storage files are online. Thus, smartphone customers can manipulate this application to totally free up storage on your devices.

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However, part prevailing privacy problems arise with pictures being save on computer on cloud-based software. As with everything that can be discovered on the internet, there are always chances that another party deserve to view this pictures. In this article, we will show you how to delete photos from Google Photos yet not your smartphone.

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Solutions and also steps to follow

Some users might face worries when the same Google account is linked to multiple devices. There room two methods noted below the may aid you delete her photos from Google.


Method 1: Deleting from your Google image on your smartphone

This an approach is suitable for Android and also iOS device users. That is fairly simple and easy come follow.

From your home screen, locate and tap top top the Google image app.Sign in to her Google Account that has all the photos.At the optimal of the screen, tap ~ above the food selection option. The icon for the menu option is three horizontal lines.Select Settings.Under settings, disable the Backup-and-sync function on every the tools that are saving images to Google Photos. This is come ensure the the photos are not re-uploaded come the application after deletion.Scroll with the pictures you have actually on Google Photos. Touch and hold under the pictures you great to delete till the picture is selected. You might select much more than one image.At the peak right-hand corner, tap top top the trash deserve to icon. This will relocate all the selected pictures to trash. They would certainly be stored here for 60 days in situation you wish to retrieve them again.To permanently delete every the media files in her bin, choose the menu icon again.You have the right to delete each individually, or pick the delete all role available.Method 2: Deleting from your Google image on her laptop

This an approach requires girlfriend to usage a PC and your smartphone to delete the image on cloud-storage software, Google Photos.

Follow measures 1 with 5 in technique 1. After these steps, you’ll be sure images will no be re-uploaded to Google Photos after ~ deletion.On your laptop, search in your browser for in to the website making use of your Google account the your smartphone is connected to.Find the pictures you have actually saved top top Google Photos. Float your cursor ~ above the pictures you great to delete. Check the small tick symbol on the top left edge of the media files. It is feasible to click on much more than one photo at any one time.There have to be a trash bin icon at the height right-hand edge of the webpage. This will relocate all the images to Trash. After ~ 60 days, the images will be turned off permanently.Method 3: Disabling the permissions because that Google picture on her device

This functions for Android users.

Find and tap top top the settings application on your Android deviceGo come Apps, then choose Google Photos.Find the setup called Permissions. Under this setting, toggle the button to rotate off the warehouse option.Follow method 1 or 2 to delete the photos currently on Google Photos.Closing words

The net is a double-edged sword. While that brings us the benefit of extra warehouse space, it have the right to compromise privacy. Constantly remember to take actions to safeguard your privacy.

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