Facebook is terrific for maintaining in touch with family and also friends, yet sometimes it can feel a tiny too in touch.

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Maybe you don’t desire to know every time her politically zealous college girlfriend creates a status. Or probably you’re a member of very chatty facebook group and you’re tired of the notifications blowing up your phone. Friend don"t want to block them, however you do want come mute castle without having to leave the group and also hurt some feelings — thankfully, Facebook has made the possible.

You deserve to turn off facebook notifications.

How to rotate off facebook notifications

Go to "Settings"Select "Notifications"Edit on facebook notifications based upon deviceClick the toggle buttons next to the notification type to "Off"

If you have aFacebook marketingstrategy, which includes aFacebook company pagethat youdowant to obtain notifications about, friend still can. Facebook permits you to pick and choose which notifications you get on what device.

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I’ll walk over the various ways to rotate off on facebook notifications on cell phone (skip front to cell phone now) and also desktop, so no matter where friend are, you have the right to have control over her notifications.

How to turn off facebook notifications ~ above desktop

Let’s speak you’re working from house on your laptop and also are distracted by facebook notifications popping increase in the corner every 15 minutes. It is not an excellent news for her productivity, and if a meeting is looming ~ above the horizon, you will do it quickly become frustrated. Let’s rotate those notifications off while you on her laptop!

1. In Facebook, go to "Settings"

The easy-to-miss downward arrowhead in the menu bar is whereby you’ll find the choice to navigate to ‘Settings.’

2. Click on ‘Notifications’

Once in ‘Settings,’ discover ‘Notifications’ in the sidebar top top the left.

3. Edit Facebook an alert based top top device

Choose which machine you’d choose to readjust the notifications for. In the above example, you’d desire to click ‘Desktop and also Mobile’ to adjust the way you get notifications while functioning on a laptop.

4. Click the ‘Turn Off’ switch next come the notification kind you desire to rotate off

In this example, you can turn turn off individual on facebook notifications together as alters to an occasion you join or comments on short articles you’re tagged in. Girlfriend can likewise turn off all notifications ~ above your desktop by clicking the very very first ‘Turn Off’ switch next come Chrome.

While you’re here, you might too update your notice preferences in the other categories: ~ above Facebook, e-mail, and text message.

Congratulations! you’ve turned off on facebook notifications on her desktop.

How to turn off facebook notifications on mobile

If you’re tired of her phone persistently dinging v Facebook notifications, ns have great news — you don’t need to keep life life like that. Smartphones are currently cluttered enough as is. For this reason let’s eliminate those unnecessary notifications.

1. Walk to "Settings"

On mobile, "Settings" can be uncovered by clicking the food selection button. The looks choose three horizontal currently in the bottom right corner of your screen. Scroll under to find "Settings," the second-to-last option.


2. Go to "Notification Settings"

When you click on "Settings," a drop-down food selection will appear. Select "Notification Settings" indigenous that.

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3. Edit your notice preferences by notice type

You"ll notification a long list of notification types that you can choose to edit. If you desire to turn off allpush notifications, rotate the an initial toggle buttononunder "Mute press Notifications."


4. Fight the toggle buttons alongside the notification form to turn it "Off"

If you"re annoyed with gaining notifications around people you may know, click on that section. It will certainly take you come a new page where you can edit where and if you get those types of notifications. Move the toggles to "Off" or gray.


You currently have manage over your facebook notifications!

With those simple steps, you have actually decluttered her phone and also can avoid silly distractions choose Aunt Mildred posting her fifth cat photo of the day in the family group page. Simply make sure to inspect Facebook as soon as in a while to ensure girlfriend aren"t lacking out top top anything!

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