SEEKING aid FOR A rate OR company INQUIRY

When you call us through a mail business issue, your inquiry is documented at the Commission, and may be forwarded to the U.S. Postal company for additional resolution.The Postal organization will climate look into your issue and also respond directly to you within 45 days v their findings.The Commissionwill receive a copy that the Postal Service’s response so that we can verify the the problem was tackled appropriately.

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1-800-ASK-USPSPostal call facility employees can answer many questions. They also can contact Postal public representative nationwide electronically and immediately refer your problem to the appropriate local Postal manager who is in the best position to attend to your concerns.
LOCAL article OFFICELocal postmasters are responsible for ensuring the their customers obtain prompt and efficient delivery and retail services. If troubles occur, they are in the ideal position to investigate the issue and fix the problem.

If you room not satisfied v the help you obtain at her local post office, the Postal business has neighborhood District Consumer and Industry Affairs offices nationwide with special personnel who have the right to assist in addressing local company issues.


The United claims Postal Inspection business has the responsibility of ensuring the security and also sanctity that the us mail, and also investigating mail-related crime. To report mail theft by a non-postal employee, please call1-877-876-2455 indigenous 8 a.m come 4:30 p.m in all time zones, and select option 5,or visit:Postal Inspection company Complaint Form.


The Office of Inspector basic (OIG) audits the operations and also evaluates the details infrastructure that the Postal Service. The OIG likewise has the responsibility of protecting and maintaining the integrity of postal processes and personnel.To call the OIG, please call1-888-877-7644, email hotline


Postal customers may appeal the close up door of their post office or that is consolidation with one more post office through petitioning the board of directors to evaluation the Postal Service’s determination. Appeals might be submitted only after the Postal service makes a last determination. The Commission’s duty is no to decide whether a facility will certainly be closeup of the door or consolidated. The Commission’s function is to determine whether the Postal Service’s closure or consolidation is consistent with the legitimate requirements and whether the Postal organization has complied with all applicable procedures. Client of an impacted post office may help the commission in its factor to consider of an appeal by sending out a composed statement explaining why they think the Postal business has failed come comply with the law or has failed to follow suitable procedures.

Under the law, appeals have to be submitted within 30 job of the Postal Service’s notification to the neighborhood of its last determination. If an very nice is sent to the commission by mail, it must be postmarked not later on than 30 days after the Postal Service’s notice of that determination. All other appeals, including appeals it is registered on the Commission’s virtual Filing System, have to be obtained by the Commission in ~ 30 days of the Postal Service’s notice of its determination. Rules because that appealing a short article Office closure are located here.


A complain proceeding is a facility legal proceeding that commonly requires an attorney’s assistance. The commission accepts complaints top top matters entailing allegations that the Postal business is not complying with particular laws or regulations. The border of the Commission’s complain authority is discovered here. The Commission also has particular detailed rules and also procedures ~ above what a person must do before filing a complaint, what info must be included in a complaint, and also how the complaint have to be submitted and also argued.

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TheOffice that the general Counselappoints a employee member for each situation it creates torepresent the understand of the general public in the case, acting separately from the Commission. This human is called the windy Representative (PR). The PR represents the interests of the general public together a whole, and, in particular, those teams or segment of the population who perform not have or can not feasibly gain representation. The PR is maybe to provide weight to various and also sometimes disparate voices and can help include information to the Commission’s record around the affect of a particular decision ~ above the basic public. Click listed below to discover a list of every PRs assigned to active cases.