Take keep in mind that deleting search background removes that from your Google account, not particular devices. Therefore, deleting any background deletes it from every devices.

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Follow the steps below to delete Google background using your iPhone, Android phone, tablet, MacBook, Chromebook, desktop computer PC, or laptop.

DO not CLICK THE “DELETE” DROPDOWN at this point. This activity has time filters (only before adding other filters favor time or product), but it deletes all Google history (not just Google Search) instantly upon click it. If filters were already added, you’ll get a prompt first.
Click top top “Filter by day & product,” then pick “Search” indigenous the Google product list at the bottom. New filtered results get shown that only display your Google find history.To filter/find her Google Search background on a specific word or phrase, kind it in the “Search her activity” box.To filter/find your Google Search history based top top date, click or tap top top “Filter by day & product” once more, then choose your time filter data. You may want to check that “Search” is still selected in the Google assets list.Now the you have your filtered (or unfiltered) list, friend can readjust the default “Bundle view” come “List view” if desired, which lists search task one by one. Click/tap the “vertical ellipsis” (three dots) alongside the find box, then pick “List view.”To delete the displayed results after applying your custom filters and also display options, madness or click on the “X” to the right of each entry, climate you room done. For the bulk-delete option, proceed to the following step.To bulk-delete her filtered list, tap/click top top the “Delete” button.A check prompt appears with a preview of her filtered results. This is just a preview, even when girlfriend click the “Preview more” button. Insanity or click on “Delete” once much more to permanently eliminate all filtered items.

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Using the over steps enables you to easily delete her Google search background using certain dates and keywords if desired. Once you have actually selected “Search” from the product list, friend can include other filter to discover what you want to delete, but not the other means around. Girlfriend can likewise delete various other Google data in ~ the exact same process.