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Are you willing to forego Amazon Prime’s two-day shipping? If so, you’ll be rewarded with Amazon’s No-Rush Shipping rewards. Discover all around the No-Rush Shipping program and how to examine your currently No-Rush credits below!

Amazon No-Rush Shipping

They say an excellent things pertained to those that wait and also that’s precisely what Amazon is doing with their No-Rush Shipping program.

The regime is because that Amazon element members who order items the they don’t should receive appropriate away. By permitting Amazon to ship items to your house a tiny bit slow (within six business days instead of the typical of two-day period) you’ll earn rewards in the form of Amazon credits.


Remember, this rewards execute expire so plan on making use of them before they disappear from your Amazon account.

Frequently Asked inquiries (FAQs)

How do I gain No-Rush Shipping rewards or discounts?

Choose totally free No-Rush Shipping in ~ checkout, and also Amazon will certainly either apply a discount instantly to your current order, or automatically apply a reward to your account once your bespeak ships.

Can I obtain a No-Rush reward and also instant discount top top the exact same order?

No, girlfriend cannot receive both top top the same order. If an order has items eligible because that both an instant discount and a reward, Amazon will apply the immediate discount to your present order.

Can I pick whether to receive a discount or a reward?

No, Amazon will certainly surface only one kind of market per order at checkout, either a prize or an prompt discount.

How do I end up being eligible to get rewards?

All customers deserve to be eligible come receive instant discounts, however only element members are eligible to get reward offers. Rewards are easily accessible on countless items throughout the site.

When have the right to I usage my rewards?

Rewards will certainly be available after your No-Rush stimulate ships. Amazon will send you an e-mail with the details of her promotional rewards when your bespeak ships. The next time friend shop, refer to this email for accuse on how to redeem.

What can I acquisition with mine No-Rush reward?

No-Rush rewards use only to the form of items indicated in the market at checkout. Depending on the offer, you have the right to use your rewards come shop for choose digital products, consisting of instant video clip downloads, Kindle, eBooks, Digital Music, and Amazon Appstore apps. Rewards space automatically used at checkout.

Where is my current reward?

Pending Rewards become accessible Rewards as soon as your qualifying package has actually shipped. View reward balance.

When perform my rewards expire?

The initial email that contains information on exactly how to redeem her rewards will also include info on when your rewards expire. Friend can also view the expiration dates in your No-Rush Rewards review dashboard. Friend may likewise get one email notification prior to her reward’s expiration date depending top top the form of offer associated with the reward.

The Bottom Line

Amazon’s No-Rush Shipping regimen is a quite sweet deal if you’re not in a rush to acquire your Amazon order. By having actually a tiny patience, you have the right to earn rewards on future purchases or obtain discounts immediately, simply for agreeing to gain your points in six days instead of 2 days.

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So far this season, i have snagged $15 in digital rewards which i redeemed come rent totally free movies to clock on Prime video and $20 in beauty discounts to gain an eye mask for Mrs. Money Ninja.