When friend hide photos and also videos, they move to the hidden album, therefore they don"t show up in her Library, in other albums, or in the photos widget top top your house Screen. With iOS 14, you can turn turn off the concealed album, therefore the photos are totally hidden.You can unhide photos and videos and also turn the concealed album ago on whenever friend want.

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Open Photos.Select the photograph or video that you desire to hide.Tap the re-publishing button, then tap Hide.Confirm the you want to hide the photograph or video.

On an iphone phone or iPod touch:

Open Photos and tap the Albums tab.Scroll down andtap hidden under Utilities.Tap the picture or video clip that you desire to unhide.Tap the share button, climate tapUnhide.

On one iPad:

Open Photos. If the sidebar is hidden, tap the sidebar symbol in the upper-left corner.Scroll down till you see concealed under Utilities.Tap the photo or video clip that you want to unhide.Tap the share button, then tapUnhide.

On an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, the hidden album is on by default, yet you can turn that off. Once you rotate off the concealed album, any photos or videos that you"ve surprise won"t be visible in the photos app.To uncover the concealed album:

Open Photos and tap the Albums tab.Scroll down and also look because that the hidden album under Utilities. If you"re on one iPad, you can need come tap the sidebar icon in the upper-left corner, then scroll down till you view the hidden album under Utilities.

To turn off the covert album:

Go come Settings and tap Photos.Scroll down and also turn off hidden Album.


Open Photos.Select the picture or video that you want to hide.Control-click the photo, thenchooseHide Photo.You can additionally hide a photo from the menu bar once youchoose picture > HidePhoto. Or you can press Command-L to hide a photo. Check that you desire to hide the photo or video.

If you usage iCloud Photos,the photos that you hide top top one an equipment are covert on your other devices too.

Open Photos. In the menu bar, select View > present Hidden picture Album.In the sidebar, choose Hidden.Select the photograph or video clip that you desire to unhide.Control-click the photo, then select Unhide Photo. Girlfriend can additionally choose photo > Unhide photo from the food selection bar, or press Command-L.

The hidden album is turn off by default top top Mac. Yet you deserve to turn it on whenever girlfriend want, therefore it"s less complicated to uncover photos or videos that you"ve hidden. Here"s how to turn on the covert album:

Open Photos.Choose see >Show covert Photo Album.

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When the surprise album is on, you"ll check out it in the sidebar under Photos.