Hulu is a video-screaming service that deserve to offer few of the latest and also greatest movies, TVs, and more. Possibly you have to view and also clear Hulu watch history to manage it better. This write-up from buzzpatterson.com introduces exactly how to execute that. Store on her reading.

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Hulu is an American subscription video-on-demand service, and also many users prefer to watch TV episodes and movies v it. It uses a 30-day cost-free trial. After that, you must pay because that it to clock videos every month.

You have the right to see the shows and movies you have actually watched recently by searching history. Then, stop see how to view and clear Hulu watch history.


Hulu states unsupported internet browser on Chrome? What need to you do to resolve the Hulu error? shot these approaches in this write-up to conveniently get rid the the trouble.

How to watch Hulu watch History

Hulu watch background is situated in the store Watching favorite, which girlfriend can easily navigate come from the Home. If you choose "All city hall history", you have the right to watch every the shows and movies you watch on Hulu.

How to check Which Individual episodes You Watched

Keep watching have the right to accommodate the shows and movies you have actually watched recently, however you will certainly not watch individual illustration in this collection. To view which illustration of the display you have actually watched, you re welcome visit the Details page of the series and/or add it come My Stuff for more information.

How to clean Hulu clock History

Here is just how to clean Hulu clock history. If you want to carry out that, you can follow the overview below.


If you desire to clean Hulu Watch history on the webpage, you deserve to refer come this part.

Step 1: open up the Hulu webpage and navigate to Keep Watching.

Step 2: come get much more information and alternatives by hovering end the thumbnail the a display or movie.

Step3: Then, click the X icon to remove the location from your watch history.

Step 4: in ~ last, click Done to complete the action, or Undo to walk back.

If you must clear and reset all Watch history for every profiles associated with her account, monitor the accuse below:

Step 1: open up the Hulu webpage and also navigate come your Account page.

Step 2: Under the Privacy and also Settings tab, select the California Privacy Rights option.

Step 3: Under Manage Activity, select Watch History and Clear Selected.

Mobile Phone

If you space a mobile call user, this component is what friend need.

Step 1: open up the Hulu application and log in to her Hulu account.

Step 2: hover over her name top top the top right the the screen, and choose History.

Step 3: Now, friend can choose Remove every videos to clear Hulu city hall history.

Living Room

This component is around Hulu remove from maintaining watching in the living room.

Step 1: Navigate to a show or movie’s Details page.

Step 2: select Manage Movie or Manage Series.

Step 3: pick Remove indigenous Watch History.

Step 4: check your choice, or release to go back.

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Final Words

To amount up, this short article introduces how to check out Hulu watch background and exactly how to check which individuals episodes girlfriend wanted. Besides, you have known exactly how to clear Hulu watch background on webpages, mobile phones, and living room. Ns hope that this short article can be advantageous to you.

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