What exactly is a criminal record?

A criminal record, formally recognized as a an overview criminal history, or much more commonly recognized as a “rap” sheet, is a list of arrests and also convictions. Any time the police fingerprint you since of a criminal investigation, that info is added to your review criminal history. Because that an arrest, the background should list, among other things, the date, the charges, and also the final disposition (what happened). If the ar attorney refuse to prosecute the charge, the review criminal background should present that. The history also lists all your criminal convictions, consisting of the date of the conviction, the charges, the sentence, and whether the crime was a felony or a misdemeanor. If you entered and successfully completed a “diversion” program, the history should indicate that as well.

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How perform I find out what my summary criminal background is?

To get your own an introduction criminal history, you need to do 4 things:

Request your record. You might request your document in among two ways: through letter or by application. If through letter, simply write a letter come the California room of justice that includes your name, the resolve to i beg your pardon you desire the document sent, and also why you need the record. (You are allowed to watch your very own record so you deserve to say that you simply want to make sure that there room no errors in the record.) If by application, friend can gain an applications from either a neighborhood police or sheriff’s room or from the California department of Justice. Forms are accessible by calling (916) 227-3849 or online.

Pay an applications fee. together of January 1, 2019, the fee to be $25. You must send a check or a money order. Do NOT send cash. Make the check out come the California department of Justice. Put “Fee for summary Criminal History” in the memo line. If you can not afford the fee, see below for accuse on getting the fees waived.

Mail the application. mail the inquiry letter or application, and your check or money bespeak to:

California room of JusticeP.O. Crate 903417Sacramento, CA 94203-4170ATTN: records Review Unit

Get Fingerprinted. after ~ the DOJ receives your application, it will certainly send you a “Live Scan” fingerprint card and a list of locations to have your fingerprints “imaged” (digitally photographed).

After you have actually your fingerprints bring away (for i beg your pardon there may be second fee), the location will send an digital copy come the DOJ in Sacramento. After ~ they obtain your fingerprints, the DOJ will send friend a copy of your criminal records.

How have the right to I acquire my records if ns cannot bought the fee?

If you can not afford the fee, you might request a waiver. You might do this through filling the end an “Application because that Fee Waiver” type or it is registered a different letter that requests a waiver that the fee. In the letter or application, you must state that you cannot afford the fee because you space poor, and you must incorporate some proof the you room poor. To prove that you space poor, friend may be able to simply explain how lot you make a month and also what your expenses are (rent and utilities) in the letter. If possible, friend should encompass a copy of your pay stubs or financial institution accounts. Carry out NOT send original documents.

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How execute I check out my an introduction criminal history?

The background will include your name, day of birth, and also a list of all prior arrests and convictions. The history will perform an abbreviation of the password sections of every charges and convictions. For example, if the background lists “H&S § 11359”, the letters describe the California password (“H&S” describes the California Health and also Safety Code—the password for many drug violations) and also the number speak you the section identifying the crime in that password (for example, H&S section 11359 is possession the marijuana v intent to offer it). You have the right to look up her code section online, in ~ a law school or courthouse library. Librarians frequently will it is in able to assist you discover the code ar that friend need. If you have actually questions about your an overview criminal history, you should contact the Criminal background Unit at the California attorney General’s office: 916-227-3849 and ask because that the documents Review department.