There are plenty of areas to do a complimentary unclaimed money search, starting with the unclaimed funds page on this site. Over there you can click on any type of of the states links to get an ext information.

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You can additionally go come NAUPA.

NAUPA stands because that the nationwide Association that Unclaimed home Administrators. It is a non-profit company affiliated through the national Association the State Treasurers and the board of directors of State Governments.

MissingMoney, a internet site officially endorsed NAUPA contains the official collective records from many state unclaimed money programs. NAUPA will connect you come every state unclaimed money internet site wherein you deserve to search.

Both sites let you do your own cost-free unclaimed money search.There is absolutely no factor to pay anyone or any type of website a fee when you have the right to do your own complimentary unclaimed money search.

Most of this pay web page are simply using lists that they obtain from the states anyway. The best thing to carry out is call any kind of state the you may have actually lived or worked in yourself. You can discover the states call information making use of the map top top the home page.


If you room still unsure around contacting the state, or simply don’t have the time, you can enlist the solutions of one unclaimed money finder.

For a tiny fee, one unclaimed money finder can investigate because that you and assist you with the paperwork the you need. Most likely, it will certainly be prepared for you and you will simply need to sign some forms.

Do not pay one unclaimed money finder one upfront fee.. Any type of legitimate finder will carry out a search for unclaimed money and also then charge a commission, after you room paid. Click here if you are interested in ending up being an Unclaimed Money Finder yourself.

Other resources For a totally free Unclaimed Money find Include:

U.S. LinksUndeliverable U.S. Federal taxes refund checksThe internal Revenue business may have an undeliverable refund check that belongs come you.

Pension advantage Guaranty Corp.The Pension benefit Guaranty Corp. Has a search database to determine whether you room owed any pension services if your pension arrangement no much longer exists since it to be closed or to be taken end by the pension agency. You likewise can track down the services if you space a survivor the the human who should be illustration the pension. This site will tell friend what to perform if you think you are owed money yet aren’t uncovered in the agency’s database.

Federal Deposit insurance CorporationA resource website to search for any kind of unclaimed insured deposits because that financial establishments that were closed by a regulatory agency between Jan. 1, 1989 and June 28, 1993.

U.S. Federal InvestmentsThe official source of information on U.S. To save Bonds. Examine this website for any type of Savings Bonds you may have forgotten about.

Missing U.S. Federal Savings BondsWhat to perform if her U.S. To save Bonds have actually been lost, steal or destroyed.

U.S. Department of Housing and also Urban DevelopmentIf you had a HUD/FHA insured mortgage, you may have a refund on component of her insurance premium or a re-superstructure of the earnings.

Veterans management BenefitsSearch because that unclaimed veterans benefits owed come you through the federal government.

U.S. Railroad Retirement BoardSearch because that unclaimed rail retirement benefits

Holocaust Links

Swiss Bankers AssociationVictims of the Holocaust or their heirs can make insurance claims to assets deposit in Swiss financial institutions during people War II.

Frozen Swiss accounts Database search FormThis website offers a notification of insurance claim procedures because that locating Swiss, Swedish, French,and brothers bank and also insurance accounts.

Holocaust insurance claims Processing Office that the new York State banking Department. This office attempts to recover assets deposited in europe banks, monies never ever paid in link with insurance plans issued by european insurers and lost or looted arts for victim of the Holocaust.

International Links

Bank the CanadaSearch because that unclaimed bank accounts organized by The bank of Canada.

Australian Securities and also Investments CommissionSearch for unclaimed money and also unclaimed property hosted by The Australian commonwealth Government.

France Unclaimed MoniesSearch because that unclaimed monies held by financial institutions in France. Information is easily accessible in French only.

New new zealand Unclaimed MoniesSearch because that unclaimed monies held by the Inland Revenue department in brand-new Zealand.

Swiss Bankers AssociationSearch because that dormant accounts in Switzerland


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Anneline says

March 17, 2021 at 10:11 pm

Greetings, simply downloaded your Guide, looks so great, ns can’t wait to review it entirely. You give so much information for mine state top top your site that ns figured I could probably carry out without the Guide, yet I feeling guilty, so ns purchased it but looks favor it was worth it. Thanks for together a well put together site and guide, much far better than what part sharks charge on the internet! Anneline.

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Julie says

November 7, 2020 in ~ 4:57 pm

I am brand-new here and is debating to begin this business part time while stuck at home throughout covid. Does her course include a perform of states that reflects the amount of the unclaimed value ? Or carry out we need to do our very own search for every 50 states? hope this service will be able to aid this permanent mom. Many thanks in breakthrough for taking the time to answer mine question.

Cristina Gonzales says

October 12, 2020 in ~ 3:24 pm

I to be told mine refund check from my auto insurance money was sent to Az state treasury. How deserve to I get it sent out to me.

Thank you,

marcella lopez says

May 8, 2019 at 3:46 pm

The credit transaction union in the city I live in educated me by mail that they reported my save account I had there as unclaimed mn commerce property they informed me the I have to go thru the male unclaimed business property website to get my money. I supplied and also there is nothing in my name. I find this so ironic considering my attend to and phone number hav’t adjusted in 30 years, and also they sent me the finish of year account statement come my resolve (the declare is how I discovered out mine monies had been turned end to mn unclaimed property). Just how do I get this money returned to me?