A Twitter spokesperson has confirmed with buzzpatterson.com this morning that Trump has deleted 3 tweets that caused the temporarily suspension the this account critical night.

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Twitter locked the account pending deletion of the offending tweets on Wednesday adhering to the riot and siege the the Capitol building in Washington, D.C., and also said the the suspension would stay in ar so long as the tweets were not removed, and that any kind of further violation the its rule could an outcome in an actual irreversible account suspension for Trump.

The President’s account is to stay locked 12 hours after his deletion of the tweets (seen below). While we don’t have specific timing on as soon as the countdown started, he has actually yet come tweet native the account. The account likewise still bears the warning that, “this Tweet is no longer easily accessible because that violated the Twitter Rules.”


While Trump has actually previously took pleasure in the advantage of a dominance Twitter placed in ar that allowed a special exemption for contents that would normally violate its regards to service. The exempted content would be enabled to stay in the attention of public accessibility in instances where it originates from accounts with a far-reaching public attention component, choose Trump’s when he’s occupying the office that U.S. President.

Twitter locks Trump out of his account because that at least 12 hours

The 3 tweets that lastly proved a bridge too far for Twitter had a video clip posted by trump card that dubbed for an end to the violence top top Capitol Hill, yet that also said “We love you, you’re an extremely special” come the terrorists taking component in the action. The other two contained statements the falsely argued the legitimate results of the many recent U.S. Presidential election were in which method fraudulent, consisting of one that argued the terror actions in Washington the resulted to be somehow justified.

It’s precious noting the Twitter didn’t in reality delete the offending tweets; the agency generally has a plan of removed tweets that violate its terms from publicly view and also notifying the offending account that they have to be turned off by the account holder us in order to reinstate the ability to actively use the account.

While trump does not have accessibility to his own main Twitter account, his deputy chief of employee Dan Scavino posted a statement beforehand Thursday morning around the electoral poll certification process, which was completed in the beforehand hours. The explain again included inciting language falsely disputing the election results, however remains accessible and untouched by any of Twitter’s flagging measures.

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Until this week, many anticipated that Trump would continue to gain protections that come v his political status. Yesterday’s move significant a change for Twitter, yet there continues to be a significant question about his standing in the continuing to be two weeks of his presidential term. Facebook, meanwhile, has taken opposing action, completely banning Trump indigenous its platform, for “at the very least the next two weeks.”

Trump’s capacity to keep his favorite platform will certainly hinge on whether Twitter determines the he has crossed the heat one final time.

Mark Zuckerberg announces trumped banned indigenous Facebook and also Instagram because that ‘at the very least the following two weeks’