The year 2020 has been a remarkable one. In simply the past few months, numerous million americans have end up being first-time gun owners. If ever before there were a circumstance under which the wisdom of the 2nd Amendment was made patently manifest, that is this.

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This is Mississippi Auto arms in Oxford, Miss. A pistol shop like this one is generally your very first stop in ending up being a brand-new gunowner.

But how around those of you who carry out want to gain your first gun, but find the whole process utterly baffling? The vernacular, customs and also variegated regulations linked with gun ownership deserve to indeed it seems to be ~ daunting. Together a result, we right here at The Armory Life thought it might be useful to create a simple primer on how to purchase a pistol in America.

Not unlike finance, plumbing, computer programming or brain surgery, as soon as you get the cave of that the totality system will certainly seem reasonably straightforward. But we understand how intimidating it deserve to be come dive in. So, allow us aid you find out the process.

Do you desire to end up being a gun owner, however don’t recognize where tostart?

Intro to American total Culture

This procedure typically begins at your neighborhood gun shop. The archetypal total shop employee is some huge hirsute ex-Army Ranger spanned in tattoos who oozes scary attitude. He’ll have a pistol on his hip and also look prefer he munches pea gravel because that breakfast. However looks deserve to be deceiving.

On the other hand, a dear friend of mine owns the coolest pistol shop in the civilization (Mississippi Auto arms in Oxford, Mississippi). By contrast, the employs a petite and inoffensive young lady. She is engaging, knowledgeable, and also disarming. That male is brilliant, if you ask me.

Buying a firearm might seem confusing, yet the process is more straightforward than you mightrealize.

The bottom heat is, opportunities are if girlfriend head right into a pistol shop, you will do it leave with a gun, some beneficial information and also a new friend.

Can You own a Gun?

In general, you should be a U.S. Citizen v a clean criminal record. The document used to regulate a firearm transport is called an ATF type 4473, and it asks a collection of questions around your criminal, military and mental health and wellness background. The type is 3 pages long, yet the first page is the only one of an effect to the prospective buyer.

This is the first page of the type you will be compelled to to fill out when purchasing a firearm. Image:ATF

The dealer is going come verify your details using the NICS system, which represents “National instant Criminal Background examine System.” your responses must because of this be truthful.

NICS is usually, yet not always actually, instant. If the mechanism is backed up or you have a really typical name, you may need to wait a pair days because that the check to come through. If girlfriend aren’t certain whether you eligible, simply glance end the questions on the 4473.

Becoming a firearm owner have the right to be a worthwhile and rewardingprocess.

Some states have actually extra limitations over and over what is compelled by the commonwealth government. In freedom-averse locations like brand-new Jersey, Illinois, new York and also California, some of those restrictions have the right to be rather onerous. Across most of our great Republic, however, gun property is reasonably straightforward if you space a citizen with no criminal background.

Is there a “List”?

All commercially purchased guns must it is in physically transferred v a dealer v a Federal guns License (FFL). Your gun shop will have actually one the these. Some other businesses prefer hardware shop may maintain FFLs as well.

The regulatory system governing the national network of gun certified dealer dates earlier to 1968 and also is actually quite elegant. Once you buy a gun and fill out the 4473, that form never leaves the dealer’s premises. NICS check that room approved are immediately purged every 24 hours. NICS check that room denied are basically maintained forever, yet that doesn’t use to you if you have a clean criminal record.

Know the firearm you desire to buy, or have questions? Head over to your regional gunshop.

If a crime weapon is recovered, the ATF will trace the total via the serial number beginning with the manufacturer, through the distributor, and also then on to the separation, personal, instance FFL dealer. The dealer will certainly then produce the form 4473 the identifies the last purchaser. This decentralized system really effectively stays clear of anyone from preserving a database the American total owners, something that is expressly forbidden by commonwealth law.

Just Amazon It?

You cannot legally to buy a gun directly over the internet. That’s just an anti-gunner talking point. And also buying a gun illegally is among those crimes that Uncle Sam commonly takes nice seriously.

* is a good way to locate the pistol you desire to purchase. Image:GunsAmerica

There room lots of locations to buy guns on the internet, yet they will all need to be transferred v your neighborhood FFL dealer. The FFL dealer will typically charge a modest fees to execute the transfer. Google can aid you uncover an FFL dealer locally. Call the dealer in advancement and they can tell friend what your fee is. $20 to $50 is quite typical.

* follows an auction style for firearms and also gear on the site. Image:GunBroker

Want a good place virtual to uncover your next gun? is prefer Craigslist for guns and also features addressed prices. is more like eBay v an auction format. Plenty of other businesses choose Mississippi Auto eight sell guns online. Once you’ve purchased a firearm online, contact your neighborhood gun dealer and also they will certainly submit a copy of their FFL to the seller. The total is climate shipped to the FFL’s organization premises whereby you then go undertake the transfer, submit your kind 4473, go through a elevator check, etc.


There are almost 400 million firearms in circulation in America amongst some 328 million citizens. Pistol buying might seem intimidating in ~ first, however it’s really no difficult. If you a first-time gun owner I’d strongly recommend you seek out a training course to help familiarize yourself through your new firearm. Her FFL dealer is a good place to start.

Responsible total ownership is just one of the plenty of benefits of joined Statescitizenship.

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Responsible gun ownership is the cornerstone of American freedom. That freedom is what makes America different, much more productive, and also frankly better than the remainder of the world if you ask me. So, walk out and exercise your second Amendment rights. And we expect this guide makes the process a small bit an ext clear.

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