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With countless miles of open up road, wildflower fields, and also desert landscapes, Texas is the perfect state to ride a motorcycle in. This overview will take it you through every one of the steps essential to earn your TX motorcycle license.

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New come Texas?

If friend recently moved to Texas and also already have an out-of-state motorcycle license/endorsement, you deserve to transfer your credentials as lengthy as your existing license is still valid.

To acquire your Texas motorcycle license, you"ll have to visit your neighborhood Department that Public safety (DPS) driver license office within 90 days of moving to the state and:

Surrender her unexpired out-of-state motorcycle credentials.Provide proof of:Identity.Social protection number.Texas residency and also lawful U.S. Presence.Pass the following tests:Motorcycle written understanding exam IF you have actually an out-of-state learner license/permit and would prefer to carry to one unrestricted, Texas motorcycle license.Motorcycle road skills test IF you"re younger than 18 years old.

TX Motorcycle license Eligibility

In Texas, to be eligible for a class M motorcycle license you must:

Be at least 15 years old.EITHER:Have taken an in-class Driver"s Ed food (32 hours) because that a course C license.ORAlready hold a TX class C driver"s patent or learner"s license.

Additionally, if you"re younger than 18 years old, you"ll likewise have to:

Pass the DPS" motorcycle road skills exam (to remove the J restriction).

After meeting the eligibility demands above, you deserve to go come your regional DPS driver license office and also apply for your Texas motorcycle license.

Texas Motorcycle patent Restrictions

Your age will recognize the types of restrictions put on your class M motorcycle license:

J restriction: Applicants younger than 18 year old.You may only journey a motorcycle while supervised by someone who"s at least 21 year old and holds a TX motorcycle license.The restriction is removed as soon as you happen the room of windy Safety"s motorcycle road an abilities test.I restriction: Applicants younger than 16 years old.You"re minimal to speak motorcycles displacing 250 cc or less.The restriction have the right to be removed once you rotate 16 year old.

Get your Texas Motorcycle License

Once you space eligible to, you deserve to visit your neighborhood DPS driver license office and also do the following:

Submit her motorcycle safety and security course perfect certificate.Provide any the the following:Provisional class C license.Class C learner"s license.Show proof of:Identity.SSN.TX residency and legal presence.

If you"re between 15 and also 17 years old, you must additionally bring her parent/legal guardian and:

Pass the motorcycle road an abilities test.

You"ll then receive your unrestricted course M motorcycle license! your license will be valid for 6 years, UNLESS you room under 18 years old—then your course M license will certainly expire when you turn 18 year old.

Motorcycle education in TX

Completing a motorcycle safety course is compelled of every Texas motorcycle patent applicants.

If you"re in between 15 and also 17 year old, before enrolling in a motorcycle safety and security course girlfriend must currently have any type of of the following:

Class C learner"s license.Provisional driver"s license.

If you"re at the very least 18 year old with a valid Texas driver"s license, completing a motorcycle education course allows you to waive the room of public Safety"s motorcycle written and also road exams.

Regardless of her age, taking a motorcycle safety course can be very beneficial, allowing you come learn an abilities like:

Avoiding danger situations and riding behaviors.Basic motorcycle handling (e.g. Stopping and also turning).Dealing through emergencies.Choosing the many protective clothing.

If you"d choose to learn much more about motorcycle education and learning in Texas, inspect out the DPS" overview to the motorcycle security course. As soon as you"re prepared to enroll in a motorcycle safety course, reference the TX room of public Safety"s list of approved motorcycle trainers throughout the state.

Fees because that TX Motorcycle Licenses

The fees associated with obtaining your class M motorcycle license in Texas space as follows:

Motorcycle license only for applicants that are:18 years old and older: $33.Younger 보다 18 year old: $16.

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Addition of course M to your present license: $16.