Amazon Prime has actually been considered to it is in the direct competitor of Netflix. That is the biggest platform if friend prefer getting the best of entertainment. Prime video has a dedicated app for nearly all renowned platforms. It contains Android, iOS, PC, Android TV, to apologize TV, gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, etc. Besides this, those VIZIO TV users can also accessibility Amazon element to watch and also download videos. Through the SmartCast feature top top the current models, VIZIO TV has finished its assistance of downloading apps. So, many of the VIZIO TV models come through the Amazon Prime video clip app built-in. Need not issue even if you don’t find Amazon element on VIZIO smart TV. Because this short article has obtained a much better solution and also you would be able to use Amazon element irrespective that the VIZIO TV design you own.

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How to download Amazon element on VIZIO smart TV

The guidelines given listed below will aid you manually download Amazon element on the VIA platform (2009-2013) and VIA Plus communication (2013-2017) models.
2. Browse because that Amazon prime under Features, Latest, all Apps and also Categories tab.Important: Highlight Connected TV save with VIA VIZIO TV to climate look because that Amazon Prime.
3. Select Amazon element and push OK button ~ above the far to download that on VIZIO TV.4. Optionally, part VIZIO TV needs you to push the Install application button.

Procedure to cast Amazon element to VIZIO TV

If in instance your VIZIO smart TV doesn’t support installing apps manually, climate you shall proceed with the spreading option. This functions on the models SmartCast platform through no apps (2016-2017), SmartCast platform with apps (2016-2017), and also all VIZIO TV’s released after 2018. Any kind of such models will certainly have integrated Chromecast support and also thus you screencast Amazon element from the compatible spreading device.

Using Amazon element App

Amazon Prime video clip app installed on Android or iOS smartphones have a actors option. V this, friend can cast Prime video to the VIZIO TV.1. With residence WiFi rotate on, girlfriend must connect smartphone and also VIZIO TV come it.2. Scroll ~ above the apps section to click on Amazon prime app logo to beginning it.

3. Tap on a video and click on Play icon to begin playing ~ above the smartphone.4. Find the Cast icon and make a click on it to scan for the device.5. Choose the VIZIO TV name to start casting Prime video clip on to it.

Using Chrome Browser

Start spreading Prime video clip with the latest version of Chrome web browser installed on your PC.1. To gift casting, attach PC and also VIZIO TV come same web or WiFi.2. Open Amazon prime app ~ above PC. (Otherwise visit it on and login to your account)3. start Chrome browser and open a tab on it.4. Go come the upper best section that the internet browser to click on three dots.5. Select Cast from the drop down menu.



Procedure to use Amazon prime on VIZIO TV

Whether Amazon prime is integrated or you have actually manually set up it, the procedure to use is the same. Make certain you have a Prime video subscription former to following the steps.1. On the VIZIO TV remote, press the V button.2. Under every Apps or My Apps, select Amazon Prime and also press OK button.3. Select Sign in button to go into your Prime video subscription log in in details favor email and also password.4. Discover or select a video to stream that on Amazon prime Video.

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Related: how to usage Amazon prime on LG clever TVWith Amazon Prime, VIZIO TV users can stream videos up to ultra HD quality. Expect this session has provided you all the necessary information. Share her comments and let us improve with your suggestions.

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