T-Mobile has something special for its brand-new subscribers. If you i ordered it to among its Magenta Subscription Plans, T-Mobile will certainly be providing you a complimentary Netflix premium subscription for as much as 2 screens. Now, you have the right to enjoy limitless talk, text, and 5G data network when streaming thousands of Netflix movies and also TV shows.

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T-Mobile has actually three subscription plans with alternatives up come 5 lines: Essentials, Magenta, and Magenta Max. The straightforward plan or Essentials does not include the “Netflix top top Us” deal. Just the Magenta and Magenta Max plans are eligible for the free Netflix arrangement offer.

Magenta setup subscribers can avail that the totally free Netflix simple subscription through 1 display (SD) because that $8.99 every month. Subscribers the Magenta Max deserve to enjoy the free Netflix standard subscription with 2 screens (HD) because that $13.99 per month. They also have the option to choose the Netflix simple subscription if they want.

How come Redeem & Activate her Netflix Subscription free Trial setup from T-Mobile

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Now that you have actually a T-Mobile account, friend can obtain your totally free Netflix subscription v the T-Mobile application or my T-Mobile. Monitor the steps below on how to activate her streaming free trial.

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Get & Claim free Netflix Subscription from T-Mobile via T-Mobile App

Launch your T-Mobile application on your mobile device.Go to Account.Look because that your major Account Holder’s line.Tap Add-Ons.Select regulate Data & Add-ons.Look for Services.Select the T-Mobile subscription the you want.Tap ContinueTap authorize up for Netflix.The Netflix app will open.If you currently have a Netflix account on your device, your login account will appear. Make certain you are using the exactly Netflix account. Madness Accept.If her account credentials execute not appear, however you have actually an currently Netflix account, tap already a member? sign in.If you execute not have any Netflix account, tap not yet a member? sign up.

How to Activate Netflix Subscription native T-Mobile via mine T-Mobile Website

Photo through cottonbro from PexelsOn any kind of browser, go to T-Mobile.com.In the upper appropriate corner, click my Account.Login to her account.Navigate to Account.Look because that your primary Account Holder’s line.Select Add-ons.Click regulate Data & Add-ons.Select the T-Mobile subscription that you want. Make sure that you view the Netflix subscription ~ above your wanted plan.Click include Services.Click Next.Select when you want the transforms to take it effect.Check the box to agree through the terms and conditions.Click submit Changes.The bespeak Confirmation web page will appear.Scroll down and also look for her Account’s now Eligible for Netflix!.Click next Step – authorize up.Click authorize up for Netflix.The Netflix Sign-up page will open.

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Which Netflix subscription walk you obtain with her T-Mobile Magenta plan? You can share your answer through us in the comments below.