In our previous 2 lessons ~ above Android phones, we described how to set up a voicemail account and how to pick the perfect greeting for callers once you can't take it a call. That's good and all, yet you probably want to know just how to retrieve your voicemail messages so the you can know what the world who called you in reality wanted! Don't worry; we'll be to teach you how to do just that in this tutorial.

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To listen to your voicemail message on an Android phone:

Turn on her phone and open the Phone app.Call her voicemail system.Enter her voicemail mechanism passcode.Tap the crucial that allows you to examine messages.Listen to each message and tap the corresponding an essential to replay it, delete it, or conserve it.Press End call when you’re finished.

The keys you have to press for these instructions will vary based upon who your telecom transport is, therefore we’re walk to include a little more detail below, in situation our quick steps aren't enough for you to walk on. We’ve likewise got a "cheat sheet" the voicemail regulates for various carriers, so be certain to role down and check the out.

How to hear to your voicemail messages on Android

1. Power up your phone and also open the phone app.

Press and also hold the power switch for your phone to turn it on. Then, as soon as you unlock your key screen, tap the Phone app to launch it.


2. Accessibility the dial pad.

You'll require to bring up the phone app's dial pad, together if you were going to contact an yes, really person. To execute this, tap the dial pad icon near the bottom the the screen.


3. Call your voicemail system.

Call your voicemail account by keying in its phone call number with the tricks on the dial pad, and then pushing the eco-friendly Call button. Or, together a shortcut, you can just press and also hold the 1 key.


4. Carry out your voicemail system's password.

You will certainly be motivated to go into the passcode to your voicemail account, if friend have collection one (which, hopefully, girlfriend have). Use the secrets on the dial pad to form it in.


5. Examine your voicemail inbox.

Once you're in your voicemail system, you may need to do points slightly in different way than just how they're excellent in this tutorial, depending upon your telecom transport and/or voicemail client. However, the general options that you'll have actually should it is in pretty similar.

Anyway, the very first thing you must do is madness the crucial on the dial pad that allows you inspect your messages. In this case, it's 1.


6. After ~ listening to every message, decide what you desire to perform with it.

The many recent voicemail article that you've received need to start playing. Once it finishes, you will certainly be given some choices about what you want to perform with the message. Usually, this will encompass deleting the message, conserving it, recognize out more information about it, and so on. Press the key on the dial pad that corresponds to what you desire to do.

In this case, you deserve to press 7 to delete the post or 9 to conserve it. Or, if you want further options for what you can do with the message, press 0.


Deleting or conserving the message will cause the next most recent voicemail article to begin playing. From there, go ago to the beginning of this step.

However, if you choose to listen to much more options because that the existing message, you will be given additional choices. These usually encompass replaying the message, finding out more information about the blog post (including when it to be sent and also by whom), or cancelling checking her messages and also returning to her voicemail system's key menu.


Again, just press the crucial on the dial pad that represents the choice that girlfriend want. In this case, you have the right to press 4 to replay the message, 5 come hear more information around the message, or * to quit reviewing messages and go earlier to the main menu on her voicemail system. Uneven you select this last option, girlfriend will return to the beginning of this step.

7. When you're finished, hang up to exit your voicemail system.

When there room no various other messages for you come check, or you're otherwise excellent checking your voicemail, press the red End Call button to departure your voicemail system and also hang up the call.

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That’s an ext or less exactly how it’s done! because the choices can differ by carrier, we’ve obtained a cheat sheet for you below. If you usage a well-known cell phone carrier, these are the buttons you’ll must press when checking her voicemail messages.

Popular telecom transport voicemail shortcuts

CarrierSave MessageDelete MessageRepeat Message
T-MobilePress 9Press 7Press 1
VerizonPress 9Press 7Press 4
AT&TPress 3Press 2Press 1
RogersPress 9Press 7Enter "11"
BellPress 9Press 7Press 4
TelusPress 9Press 7Press 1
Virgin MobilePress 3Press 2Press 1

Those space the basics of play voicemails on your Android phone! store an eye the end for our collection of blog posts and articles that define other succinct tricks that you deserve to do with your Android voicemail, together as how to set up a an excellent voicemail greeting. Or examine out the remainder of our course on Android calling and voicemail come master all of the details of calling on her phone, and using that voicemail service!