“Judge Judy” proceeds to dominance the syndicated ratings roost — in repeats — also as Judy Sheindlin debuts her new court show, “Judy Justice,” premiering Monday (Nov. 1) on Amazon Prime’s cost-free streaming service, IMDb TV.

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“Viewers deserve to still catch me at 4 o’clock, through my old hair,” Sheindlin, 79, told The Post. “And the critical time i looked, ‘Judge Judy’ was the number-one routine in syndication in daytime television. If we deserve to bring half of that 8 million-viewer audience through us that’s terrific.

“The reality is, i think that my story, which I began 26 years back after security 40 years in the family court, is tho relevant.”

No dispute there. Sheindlin moves into “Judy Justice” not only with a huge, built-in fan base, but with new faces assisting her in the courtroom — consisting of her granddaughter, buy it Rose, who will be the show’s law clerk. She’s joined by stenographer Whitney Kumar and also bailiff Kevin Rasco, a previous probation officer who’s functioned with Sheindlin for a number of years.

“Whitney turned out to it is in a truly wonderful find. She’s talented and also pleasant come look at and she’s acquired an optimistic personality and also is so happy come be connected in a new adventure. She’s married through a couple of kids and has a beloved husband,” Sheindlin said. “Kevin has been my protection for year — every morning he come out and also looked around to make certain there were no miscreants floating approximately who wanted to pains me — and he’s a joy to it is in around.

“He has actually a large smile ~ above his face and is simply lively and intelligent … the watched and listened for five or six years and he’s dazzling at this new opportunity.”

Judith Sheindlin with the “Judy Justice” crew (from left): regulation clerk sarah Rose, stenographer Whitney Kumar and also bailiff Kevin Rasco. It premieres Monday, Nov. 1 ~ above IMDb TV.

Sheindlin stated she “instinctively knew” the her nephew Sarah, who will graduate from regulation school in the spring, would be ideal for “Judy Justice.”

“Her aunt to be visiting her and also I said, ‘Let your aunt placed you top top tape and also let her ask girlfriend questions. Sit in an official-looking chair and also put ~ above a black suit, this is no a bathing-suit ,” Sheindlin said. “Then we made decision I would certainly ask she questions, just so that the civilization on the other end could see the she is articulate, good-looking, youthful … what you want from a salesman on a program. She was never ever frightened the the camera and also she’s gotten much more comfortable. She also disagreed with a decision i made and also I said, ‘I deserve to see her side the the equation,’ which is a large leap because that me.

“She’s a third-generation lawyer in our family. She’s smart and she’s gained a little snark in her, i m sorry is perfect.”

Sarah climbed is Judith Sheindlin’s granddaughter and also the legislation clerk because that “Judy Justice.”Michael Becker/IMDb TV

“Judy Justice” shooting in LA (Culver City) and also features a new, bright set. “I changed up the robe,” Sheindlin said. “I saw the shade board and also said, ‘What looks great on me? What will reflect the light on mine face? and I also think the new collar is a little more modern.”

“Judy Justice” will premiere ~ above IMDb TV with 4 episodes; new episodes will be available each weekday.


“It’s a brand-new show you deserve to only do so much,” she said. “If you enter a theater you’re walk to watch comedy, drama, a ballet … you know what you’re expecting, and also when you walk to a court show … friend pretty much understand what to expect. Truthfully, it’s execution and also its leader and who’s presenting the case.

“It’s really no different for me from what I’ve to be doing yet people will be able to pick up their phones and iPads and stream the on the go. I honestly don’t recognize what the future that daytime transfer is during the afternoon. There’s so much out there … however I just have the emotion that people are demanding the entertainment concerned them fairly than the other way around.”

Sheindlin said she never ever contemplated retiring after leaving “Judge Judy” behind.

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“To what? For what? I prefer to work. I discover that mine blood push is finest when ns work since I think it’s just as challenging to discover something that gives you fulfillment, something to carry out if you still have energy,” she said. “As long as ns left ‘Judge Judy’ after a quarter-century ~ above top, which i did … it just felt perfect, and then on to another adventure with a big company wherein I had another year to think about it.

“You’re really claimed to know when come say goodbye, yet if friend haven’t obtained that article yet, and you love what you do, save doing it.