The holidays room proposal season. 3 of the 4 most renowned days for popping the inquiry are Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and new Year’s Eve, according to Facebook. (The fourth is Valentine’s Day, unsurprisingly.) In various other words, a lot of of human being are shortly going to be shopping because that a wedding dress.

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Some of those brides-to-be are probably regular viewers that Say Yes come the Dress, the long-running TLC routine that file brides’ find for the perfect wedding gown. But what walk it take to get cast on this show? here’s what you have to do if you want Randy’s help choosing a look for your huge day.

How to use for Say Yes to the dress  


Wedding costume on screen at Kleinfeld Bridal | Andrew Toth/Getty pictures for GILT

Sorry, friend can’t simply waltz into Kleinfeld’s Manhattan bridal salon and also hope to finish up top top the show. Instead, her Say Yes come the dress journey starts in ~ the Kleinfeld website, wherein brides that hope to be on the show much fill the end a lengthy application. Next from her name, age, and contact info, you’ll also be request to expose your fiancé’s name, age, and also occupation and whether they are coming shopping with you.

The application additionally asks about your dress size, including whether she a plus-size bride. You likewise need to share how your companion proposed and your wedding date.

Then yes the budget plan question. Together anyone knows, dresses on the present can get pretty expensive. The application provides five budget plan tiers, indigenous under $2,000 to $10,000 and also up. (There’s additionally an “I have no budget” option.) You likewise must share who will pay for the dress and whether you’ve already started to buy for your gown.

In addition, brides space asked come briefly describe themselves, their feeling of style, and their feelings about dress shopping. There are also questions around who you will do it be bringing to the keep with girlfriend (there’s a limit of three guests), who is influencing your dress decision, and also the many stressful part of wedding planning.

And due to the fact that this is TV, brides need to make a case why their find for a dress would make for entertaining viewing. They also want to understand if you’ve been on fact TV in the previous 12 months.

What happens if you acquire picked to be on Say Yes to the Dress?


Wedding dresses at Kleinfeld Bridal | Andrew Toth/Getty pictures for GILT

Let’s i think you survive the early stage screening process and room invited to be on the show. Here’s what you have the right to expect.

Once you arrive at Kleinfeld, you will do it spend 5 hours filming your segment, follow to Buzzfeed, and also will try on in between 6 and also 15 dresses, though they won’t every be featured top top the show. You’ll have to be prepared to readjust in former of a producer indigenous the show, and also you won’t gain to choose your consultant, follow to The List.

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And if you hoping showing up on truth TV will assist offset the cost of your wedding, think again. Brides aren’t compensated because that being top top the present (unless they’re called Omarosa, the is). Plus, you need to be ready to spend big on your gown. The not unusual to see civilization on the display spend an ext than $10,000 top top a dress. (The most expensive gown ever before sold at Kleinfeld had actually a $70,000 price tag.) The typical Kleinfeld bride invested $4,500 top top a dress in 2013, and we imagine that number has only unable to do up since then.