Property Brothers stars attracted and Jonathan Scott are in demand, and it"s no wonder fans space curious just just how much they"ll need to shell out to get the Scott brothers right into their residences for one of their stunning renovations. The poor news is that you can"t hire the Canadian pair privately. The good news is that there is a means to get your residential or commercial property Brothers makeover — friend just have to fulfill the criteria. 

If girlfriend desperately desire the Scott bros to redo your space (and why wouldn"t you?), you"ll require to use to appear on an upcoming season of Property Brothers via the HGTV website. Although castle don"t necessarily charge a fee up front for their services, you will require to have at least $90,000 set aside for your renovation and design budget plan to be thought about for the show, and also don"t forget — you likewise have come buy a new home.

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According to a January 2019 casting call, there space a couple of other requirements that potential Property Brothers participants need to meet. You have to "be buying and renovating a "fixer-upper;" it is in outgoing, energetic, opinionated, and also fun, with unique stories to tell; need professional design and also construction help; be able to make rapid decisions in stimulate to save to chop timelines; be easily accessible for approximately 7-10 job of filming (staggered end 7-8 weeks); it is in enthusiastic about working v Jonathan and also his architecture team who have actually the know-how to aid create her dream home; and also be 21 years of age or older." 

Per a previous application, contestants have to be either relocating to a details area, or be in ~ 30 come 40 minute from wherever the new home is located. Additionally, the application asked for information around the participant, their family, your occupation, what the partnership dynamic is like, and also what their basic experience is with house renovation, due to the fact that participants will certainly be expected to pitch in.

There are a most requirements, and it"s a the majority of money, but The Spruce reports some great news: If you"re lucky sufficient to be preferred for the show, Property Brothers will manage the remodeling, design, and construction of your home, of course, and will also contribute financially in the direction of the as whole costs that the renovation. Sounds like a pretty good deal, right? The Spruce actually argues contacting the producer directly, to display your enthusiasm, if you"re really desperate for HGTV to roll up. 

Those there is no the sizable $90,000+ required budget on hand can acquire the Property Brothers suffer via Casaza, a to buy platform created by the Scott brothers the they described to Vox as an "inspiration hub for people in the residence space." The choice of items because that sale is curated by Drew and Jonathan, alongside a team of various other designers. There space even totality looks i m sorry you can shop and, via the platform itself, hire the developers to redo your very own space.

Casaza Pro more provides the possibility for that all-important Property Brothers experience. Together Jonathan Scott explained, "We"ll have actually a skilled technician pertained to the house, perform all your measurements, identify opportunities for you, means that you can save money, and get friend all set up on the platform," all for a "very affordable" fee. They"ll even find local designers in your area, to additional keep costs down.

As drew Scott told Vox, "The biggest thing world ask us is how have the right to they have Jonathan and me concerned their residence and help them v their home. However this is a way we have the right to scale wherein a lot much more people can gain that inspiration. Casaza is acquisition the whole experience of what you view on our shows and also bringing the to you." 

If you"re much more interested in Jonathan"s and also Drew"s oratory abilities, you can hire them to do speaking events for the princely sum of $75,000 to $149,999, follow to their talent company profile listing. It"s worth noting this is a considerable increase on their previously-reported fees. Back in 2016, Starcasm provided the Scott brothers fetched a still substantial $60,000 for speaking at the time.

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Drew and also Jonathan Scott came to fame via their insanely renowned show, Property Brothers, which has inspired number of spin-offs, including Buying and also Selling and Forever Home. The lovable duo are simply as well-liked for their budget-friendly remodeling tips as they space their simple rapport through each other.