Learn exactly how to check your voicemail message by call voicemail or by using Visual Voicemail on her smartphone.

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If you have:Any other kind of visual Voicemail, madness Phone and then Voicemail.Tap to select the voicemail post you desire to hear. Tap the Play symbol if it no play automatically.Tap the Pause symbol to stop playback.Tap the Delete icon to delete the selected voicemail message.Visual Voicemail messages download to her smartphone end a wireless to move data connection. Friend can also call to accessibility your voicemail messages.
From your AT&T wireless phoneIf you have an:AT&T wireless phone, press and also hold 1. Because that AT&T Wireless residence Phone, dial 1.If prompted, go into your voicemail password. Any brand-new unheard message will start to play.If friend don"t have new voicemail, push 1 to listen to your conserved messages. Message play start with your oldest unheard article or earliest saved message.From an additional phoneOpening her voicemail from one more phone is handy if you don"t have actually your wireless phone through you, or you’re outside a coverage area. To check your voicemail message from another phone:Call her 10-digit wireless number.When you hear her voicemail greeting, press the * an essential to interrupt it.If you with the main voicemail device greeting, enter your 10-digit wireless call number, climate interrupt her greeting by pushing the * key.Enter your voicemail password once prompted.Follow the voice indict to hear to your messages.

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Voicemail navigationUse these keys to manage your messages.
ActionKey Press
Rewind 10 seconds 1
Rewind to beginning 11 
Skip front 10 seconds 
Skip to end of message 33 
Delete message 
Recover turned off message 1 then 9 
Save message 9 
Skip message 
Replay message 0 climate
Hear much more options 
Return to main menu 
Download and print voicemail guidesUse this guide to the voicemail menu alternatives when regulating your voicemail. Download AT&T simple Voicemail menu (PDF, 246 KB) print an English or Spanish pocket-size guideSee all important details