Not sure of host old her computer/laptop is? In this post, we’ve emphasize a grasp of various methods that you can use to tell hold old your computer is.

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Whether you wondering just how old your computer/laptop is due to the fact that you think it might be time for an upgrade, or you want to examine if your device is still under warranty, there are a couple of easy methods to tell just how old your mechanism is.

In this guide, we’ve outlined four various ways that you have the right to tell just how old your computer system is.

Table the Contents

1. Inspect Your computer or Laptop’s Serial Number (If Available)

2. Inspect Your BIOS variation via Command Prompt: systeminfo.exe

3. Inspect Your CPU’s release Date

4. Inspect the ‘Date modified’ dates of the Folders in her (C:) Drive

1. Examine Your computer system or Laptop’s Serial Number (If Available)

If friend bought a pre-built device from a agency like Dell or HP, or you have a laptop, the possibilities are that there is a sticker somewhere on your computer that has actually a serial number ~ above it. On a desktop computer computer, the serial number will most likely be discovered on the ago of the computer. Because that a laptop, the serial number will most likely be found on the underside the the chassis.

One you’ve uncovered your system’s serial number, simply kind it right into Google and also the manufacturer’s website should display up and they should have information around your computer—including an approximate manufacturing date.

2. Check Your BIOS variation via Command Prompt: systeminfo.exe

Running the systeminfo.exe commmand prompt will certainly pull up a bunch of details on her computer and that can be offered to aid estimate exactly how old your system is.

Here’s the step-by-step procedure to pulling up her system’s info via command prompt:

In the home windows search box in the taskbar, type cmd and also hit enter.Once the Command Prompt window has opened, type systeminfo.exe and hit enter.Scroll down until you check out ‘BIOSVersion:”Check the date listed

If you have actually updated your BIOS since you have actually purchased her computer, though, that can not give specific date. And, if friend bought your computer used, there’s no guarantee that the BIOS was no updated through the vault owner. So, also after you examine the day that is presented after ‘BIOS Version’ it is a an excellent idea to cross-check the day with several of the other methods provided here.

3. Check Your CPU’s relax Date

Another way that can offer you a turbulent estimate of exactly how old your computer system is is to inspect what CPU you have and then see when that CPU was an initial manufactured.

This an approach won’t offer you a supervisor accurate day of how old your computer system is. Brand-new CPUs come out yearly or so, however some computer manufacturers perform use enlarge generation processors in your budget-oriented systems and there is the opportunity that the mechanism you bought sat on a shelf (or—if girlfriend bought it online—in stock) for any kind of given lot of time.

But, generally, checking her CPUs initial release date can at least give you a ballpark selection of how old your computer system is—especially if friend cross-check it through the methods detailed in this guide.

Here’s exactly how to examine your CPUs original release date:

In the windows search box in the taskbar, kind sysinfo and hit enter.Your CPU will certainly be provided next to ‘Processor’Take her processor name and search for it in GoogleClick top top the manufacturer’s website (either Intel or AMD)Somewhere on the page, there should be an initial release date of your processor

For mine processor (Intel main point i7-8700K), Intel lists an original release date of Q4’17, which drops right in line with once I developed my computer.

Again, this an approach isn’t perfect, however it can help you narrow down organize old your system is.

4. Check the ‘Date modified’ dates of the Folders in her (C:) Drive

Another method that you deserve to use to assist you tell just how old your computer or laptop is, is to check the ‘Date modified’ dates of the folders in her computer’s (C:) drive.

This is another method that isn’t full-proof and it is possible that you will view items in your (C:) drive that are actually older 보다 what your computer system is. But, again, this have the right to be a good method to cross-check the info you’ve discovered using the methods provided above.

Here’s just how to check you (C:) drive’s folders:

In the home windows search crate in the taskbard, type file explore and hit enter.

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In the file Explorer on the left-hand sidem click on ‘This PC’Then, double-click top top ‘Local disk (C:)’Check the ‘Date modified’ dates provided after the foldersYou can additionally hit the ‘Date modified’ tab twice to kind by the oldest items


Ultimately, detect out exactly how old your computer is deserve to be as basic as checking the serial password of the system, punching it right into Google, and seeing approximately when it was manufactured. Or, it have the right to be as challenging as using the various other three methods provided above and also cross-checking lock to get a general idea of once your device was built.