While the call blocking attribute in Android Phones is advantageous for blocking spam callers, that can likewise be offered unfairly to block genuine callers for an individual and various other reasons. In this article, us are offering you with a fairly accurate means to uncover out if someone has actually blocked her number top top Android Phone.

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Find If Someone has Blocked her Number top top Android Phone

As stated above, that is quite possible that someone is utilizing the speak to blocking function on his/her Android phone to avoid your calls. That is also feasible that someone has added your phone call number to the block perform by mistake.

Whatever may be the case, that is worth checking whether or not your contact has blocked your phone number ~ above his/her Android Phone.

Luckily, there are certain ways that finding out whether someone has actually really blocked her number. In this article, we are reflecting you multiple techniques to discover out if someone has actually blocked her number, so the you deserve to confirm for sure that your number has indeed been blocked.

1. Call the call Who you Think has Blocked her Number

Just pick up your Android Phone and make a contact to the person’s phone call number that you think has blocked her phone number on his/her Android Phone.

As you speak to the person, take notes and carefully observe what happens during the call.

1.1. Is the phone call ringing normally as it should be (5 to 15 rings at-least)

1.2 go the phone ring just once or not ring at all and also gets abruptly sail to the voice mail.

1.3. Next, shot calling this call a couple of more times and see whether her calls are being sail to the voice mail, every time you shot to speak to the number.

Calls going come the voice mail straight or being abruptly sail to the voice letter after a solitary ring room generally taken into consideration to be solid indicators of a blocked phone number.

However, you also need to take right into account various other possibilities prefer your Contact’s phone gift switched turn off for part reason. Also, the is possible that your contact had temporarily set All the Calls come be sail to the voice letter directly and also forgot to eliminate this setting.

2. Send A WhatsApp blog post to The Contact

WhatsApp has actually over a exchange rate subscribers, there are an excellent chances the your call is on WhatsApp. In situation your contact is ~ above WhatsApp, you have the right to send a WhatsApp text message and see what happens v your message.

2.1. Send a very simple WhatsApp text post to the contact, just asking to check that he/she has received her message.

2.2. As soon as friend send the Message, begin watching for check marks beside the sent article (See picture below).


You will see the first check mark when the message leaves her phone. The 2nd check mark appears when the article is obtained on the recipient’s phone.

However, if her message simply gets one tick mark it confirms that your contact has most most likely blocked friend on WhatsApp together well. This makes it more likely the your number as well may have been blocked on your Contacts Android Phone.

2.3. In situation your message gets two check marks, continue watching the examine marks and see if they rotate Blue.

In case the check marks rotate blue, the confirms that your contact has without doubt seen your text message. Due to the fact that your request is so simple, it have to not be difficult for your call to reply back using a short sentence.


In instance your call does not reply ago (even after seeing her message), that does confirm in a method that your contact is not interested in gift in touch v you and also has most likely blocked your phone number.

Analyzing The Results

The opportunity of your phone number being blocked on the contact Android phone call is more than likely in instance you space not may be to get in touch with this call of yours, one of two people by making a call or by sending a WhatsApp text message and also you also notice the following signs.

1. her calls get diverted come the voice letter after 1 ring or immediately.

2. girlfriend hear a liven tone and the contact gets reduced off.

3. You can only check out one examine mark versus your sent WhatsApp post to this contact.

Final action To check That your Number has actually been Blocked

Above procedures should be good enough to obtain a reasonably accurate guess that your phone number has actually most most likely been blocked, otherwise over there is no logical explanation for no being may be to reach a human being either by call or email.

However, friend may additionally want to try this final step to confirm and get some straight confirmation the your number has been blocked for certain by this contact of yours.

1. Switch turn off Caller ID and also Make a Call

Switch that the caller id on your Android phone call by adhering to these procedures and shot calling the Contact. The idea in this situation is come hide her number from the Contact and see even if it is or not your call picks up the call.

1. Open the Phone app on her Android Phone.

2. Next, madness on much more (or the 3-bar menu icon) from the height right corner of her screen.


3. From the menu that appears, tap on Settings.


4. On the following screen, tap on an ext Settings (or progressed Settings).

5. Tap on show My caller ID


6. ~ above the pop-up Menu, tap on Hide Number and tap top top Cancel to come out of the Caller identifier Menu.


Now with your Caller identifier hidden, do a contact to her Contact’s phone number and also carefully observe what happens to your call.

This time her Phone Number will not be visible to your Contact and also you should have the ability to make one of the complying with observations in case your contact has yes, really blocked her Number.

1. Your call may pick up the call, not knowing that it is friend calling. This confirms for sure that your contact is in a position to obtain calls, but for some reason he/she is not picking up her calls.

2. Your contact Phone rings typically this time and also does not acquire abruptly diverted to the voice mail. This confirms that your contact has set your number to go straight to voice mail.

3. Your contact may turn down the call by cut you off as he/she is may be to identify your voice. In this instance you won’t be needing any kind of further proof.

In every these cases it is reasonable to assume that your phone Number has most likely been blocked by this certain Contact.

Note: Caller identifier blocking will certainly not job-related on her Android phone in instance this feature has to be disabled by her carrier. In together a instance you can shot calling from an additional phone.

Optional Method: Remove call From Your call List

Here is another means of confirming whether your number has actually been blocked by your contact on his/her Android Phone. Check out if this method works on your Android Phone.

1. Open the Contacts app on her Android Phone.

2. situate the contact that girlfriend feel has blocked your number and tap on the call Name

3. ~ above the Contact’s home page, madness on much more from the top right edge of her screen.


4. Next, tap top top Delete in the little menu the pops up.


5. You will watch a pop-up, tap on Delete to confirm that you carry out want to delete this Contact.

6. after ~ the contact is removed, start composing a brand-new message by starting to kind your Contact’s surname in the To ar of the message (See image below).


Note: Make sure that all Contacts tab is energetic while you space typing the Contact’s name.

You should instantly see your Contact’s Name appearing as a said Contact, in instance your contact has not blocked your number.

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In instance the Contact’s name does not show up as a suggested Contact, you are getting another confirmation that your contact has indeed blocked her number on his/her Android Phone.