When you have actually anemia, her body doesn't create enough red blood cells. You don't get sufficient oxygen, which provides you feeling fatigued and also can also cause serious health and wellness complications.

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Anemia Signs and Symptoms

People who space anemic most regularly experience fatigue. When it’s typical to feel exhausted after a long day at occupational or a hefty exercise session, as soon as you're anemic, you feel weary after shorter and shorter periods of exertion together your body's cells become starved because that oxygen.

As anemia worsens, her body can experience visible physical transforms — her skin could come to be pale, your nails brittle and also cuts may take longer to avoid bleeding.

Other symptoms associated with anemia include:

IrritabilityWeaknessDizzinessCold hands and also feetInability to concentrate or think clearlyChest painSexual dysfunction

These symptoms are most likely to be really light in ~ first, especially if you have mild or moderate anemia. Our body are an extremely adaptable, and will try to compensate because that the lose of oxygen in the blood. As anemia advances, your body will certainly be less able come adapt and also the symptoms will become more obvious.

You should see your medical professional if you are experiencing these symptoms. However, anemia is often uncovered while investigating one more illness, due to the fact that early-stage anemia regularly involves couple of or no symptoms.

A diagnosis the anemia usually involves:

A complete blood counting (CBC), a blood check that procedures all the different materials of her blood.A medical and also family background that have the right to indicate whether you've become anemic due to illness or a hereditary condition.

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If girlfriend feel continuously weak or have any kind of of the various other symptoms connected with anemia, your following step must be to see your doctor.