‘Blocking’ has end up being one that the most typically used attributes on smartphones, enabling you come stop acquiring annoying calls. Enlarge phones didn’t have actually such a feature, however as Android keeps acquiring better, it gives you the capacity to block spam calls. You deserve to use the Block option on your phone, and then friend won’t receive calls native the clogged number. It additionally prevents clogged numbers from sending out text message to you. But, have you fallen food to this feature and also blocked by someone else? how to recognize if who blocked her number top top Android?

Unfortunately, there is no such function in Android, which speak you that the adhering to person blocks her number. Hence, it becomes fairly a task to confirm if who on Android has actually blocked her number. In this article, ns am walking to present you multiple means to figure it all out.

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How to know if someone blocked her number ~ above Android?

How to understand if someone blocked her number on Android?

There can be multiple factors for someone blocking a number on Android. If you get spam calls from a organization domain, you may pick to block the number. Other reasons to block a number on a smartphone can be due to personal reasons, because of relationship breakups, or you can end increase blocking who unintentionally.

Regardless of the reason, if you room curious to understand if who blocked your number on Android, this post will assist you out. Proceed reading to find out the finest ways to find out if someone blocked you top top Android.

Method 1: speak to the human You Suspect has Blocked her Phone Number

One that the easiest methods to find out is by just calling the doubt person. If friend call and the other person picks that up, it is obvious that he/ she there is no blocked your phone number. But, if that doesn’t happen, you need to make part observations during the call. Those monitorings must encompass the adhering to points:

If your phone ring or not when you dial the doubt number?If girlfriend hear the phone ringing, does it ring because that an median duration together it rings when you call your other constant contacts?If the phone rings one time or no ring in ~ all and it is being diverted to voicemail abruptly?If her phone contact is diverted directly to voicemail every time, you make the contact to the contact?

When a human blocks your phone number, over there is one unusual change in the ringtone and also voicemail pattern. Girlfriend usually acquire a voicemail option when the other human is currently on a speak to or has turned your phone off. If your calls are consistently going to voicemail after ~ one or two rings, then the opportunity of the other human blocking your number is high. But, do keep in mind that if the person has switched turn off his phone, then also your phone calls will certainly go come voicemail. Although the shouldn’t take place every time you contact the person.

Also, if a phone number is stated to be unavailable through a prerecorded message but others deserve to make a contact on the very same number, that human most certainly blocks you.

Method 2: usage WhatsApp to Know

Whatsapp is the many widely used prompt messaging app across the world. It has actually billion that subscribers and is used by most smartphone users. Whatsapp deserve to be another alternative to check if calling blocked function has been offered for her number. Let’s see how:

Launch WhatsApp and open the previous chat with suspected contact.Type a basic text message and also send the to the person.

When you send a message on WhatsApp, you obtain one tick mark when the article is sent from her end. A double tick mark shows up when the message is ceded on the recipient’s phone. And, a blue twin tick note shows that the person has seen your blog post on WhatsApp.

If you acquire only one tick mark all the time, the person has actually most probably blocked your number top top WhatsApp. Native this, you can conclude the the person has blocked her phone number ~ above Android as well.


Although, simply one tick mark likewise happens if someone has uninstalled or has actually stopped making use of WhatsApp. But, you have the right to confirm that by making some other common contact post that human on WhatsApp and see if they are able to send messages.

Method 3: Delete the call from Your call List

If you space not able to confirm whether someone has actually blocked your number ~ above Android using the above methods, try removing the contact from your phone. After doing so, girlfriend will be able to figure the end the same. Below are the measures to discover out:

Begin through opening the Contacts application on your smartphone.Find the contact number of the doubt person.Tap top top the More choice that shows up at the top-right of the contact detail.
Next, tap ~ above the Delete option to eliminate the contact.
Go come your contact list again and also move come the All Contacts tab.In the search bar, enter the call name that you simply deleted.

Now, together you kind the contact in the search box and if the contact shows up in the suggested Contact list, the is clear the the human hasn’t blocked your number. But, if the call name doesn’t appear in the Suggested Contact list, it is probably due to the fact that your number was added to the block list. This can offer you some clarity about the entirety dilemma.

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Blocking is rather a valuable feature once you want to stop receiving spam calls. But, if there is some personal angle involved, it becomes bothersome because that the receiving end. Due to the fact that no an alert feature tells a person that his/ her number has actually been put to the block perform by the other person, in that case, friend can shot any the the techniques that have actually been discussed above to phone call if you have actually fallen prey to the feature.