Workers kind mail-in-ballots in ~ the Santa Clara county registrar of voter office top top Aug. 25 in mountain Jose.

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The gubernatorial recall election is quick approaching, yet most of California’s 22 million registered voters have yet to fill out and also return the ballot they obtained in the mail last month. Together of Wednesday, 70% of the ballots were still the end in the wild.

If you have mailed in or dropped off your ballot yet are worried the it has somehow gotten off-track, yes sir an easy means to check its status. The state provides a free tool that have the right to tell you soon whether her ballot has actually been received.

The tool also can help you monitor a ballot you letter or drop turn off in the dwindling lot of time left prior to the Sept. 14 election. Ballots the arrive up to seven days after ~ the polls close will still be counted as lengthy as they room postmarked no later than Sept. 14.

To sign up because that ballot tracking, go to the where’s My Ballot page at the California secretary the state’s website, then go into your name, day of birth and also ZIP Code. If you’ve currently sent in her ballot, the site will phone call you immediately what the status is — whether the envelope has actually been received, and if so, welcomed or rejected.


Last year, ballot collection ended up being a hotly debated problem in the presidential election. Currently both Republicans and Democrats space downplaying their use of the an approach as a means to ensure voter return your mail ballots by the Sept. 14 deadline in the recall election.

In Los Angeles County, girlfriend can examine to watch whether your ballot has been received and also your signature verified at

The secretary the state’s system was developed to follow your ballot from the minute it’s sent out to you come the moment it’s accepted for counting. As soon as you’ve registered, you can have the system notify you once your ballot envelope is received and also accepted by email, text, phone contact or a combination of those. You additionally can border the hours when notifications can be sent and also pick which of 10 languages to usage for the messages.

If your ballot envelope is rejected, it might be since a poll had already been recorded for you, over there was much more than one ballot in the envelope or there was a trouble with her signature top top the ago — possibly it was absent or it didn’t enhance what ar elections officials had on file. Typically, the signature comparison is done very first by a machine, then by hand because that envelopes the machine rejects.

If her ballot is rejected due to the fact that of a signature problem, county choice officials are required to notify you within 24 hours and give friend a second chance to verify your signature before the election outcomes are certified. They’ll send friend a form to sign, together with a postage-paid return envelope, and that new signature will certainly be compared against your ballot envelope.

Not every voter manages to deal with a signature problem, however. In the 2020 election, almost 50,000 mail-in ballots to be rejected for mismatched signatures. Still, that was a tiny fraction — less than fifty percent of 1% — the the 15.4 million ballots that were received.


California will have actually its 2nd gubernatorial remind in 18 years. Why is this free state therefore recall crazy?

According to the secretary of state’s office, signature issues are the main reason for a mail-in ballot not being counted. Another potential difficulty that’s harder come quantify, though, is the chance that the ballot girlfriend dropped in the mail will be lost or delay en route to the ar elections office. The U.S. Postal organization came under withering criticism in the days about the November 2020 election for accused failing to supply tens of hundreds of ballots on time in claims with lot tighter deadlines than California’s, return a later on review through the Postal Service’s inspector general suggested that the trouble was overstated.

Nevertheless, if you dropped her completed ballot into the mail and also the state’s tracking tool states on Tuesday that it tho hasn’t to be received, you can cast a provisional ballot in person at among your county’s poll centers. According to the secretary that state’s office, provisional ballots are frequently counted after regular ballots and mail-in ballots to make sure that no one voted twice. If the county has a valid mail-in ballot native you, your provisional ballot will not it is in counted.

Two questions: + need to Gov. Gavin Newsom be recalled?+ regardless of just how you vote on the very first question, who need to replace him?

Nearly 4 dozen candidates consisting of 24 Republicans, 10 v no party preference, ripe Democrats, 2 members of the environment-friendly Party and also one Libertarian. Here’s what their tax returns say about them.

The candidate with the many votes will certainly be tapped to serve out the remainder of Newsom’s ax — the has about one-and-a-half years left.

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