us look at exactly how to stop AirPods making use of several various methods for this reason you deserve to play and pause your music easily.

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AirPods space all about convenience. They seamlessly pair v your iPhone, the charging instance offers 24 hours of hearne time, and also you never have to worry around getting a headphone cable tangled. AirPods also make it straightforward to stop your music, podcasts, or whatever else you"re listening to.

Here"s exactly how to pause whatever"s play on your AirPods, no issue which machine they"re combine with.

One AirPod eliminated to stop music
This might be the best AirPod feature. Merely remove an AirPod from your ear to pause every little thing you"re hearne to. ~ you"ve heard what you want to hear, pop the AirPod ago in her ear to play her music again.

It"s such an intuitive function that it"s simple to take because that granted. The works precisely the exact same on both AirPods and also AirPods Pro.

her AirPods won"t stop music, podcasts, or any other apps if automatically Ear Detection is turn off. If this cheat isn"t working, connect your AirPods to an iphone phone or iPad and check the Bluetooth settings to allow this feature:

open up the Settings app and go to Bluetooth. madness the i button next to her AirPods. Scroll under and allow Automatic Ear Detection.

Squeezing pressure Sensor ~ above AirPods Pro
You can use sensors on her AirPods to manage your music. Depending on your settings, this sensors can let friend pause, activate Siri, or also skip tracks.

top top the AirPods Pro, easily squeeze the pressure Sensor ~ above the stem of either AirPod to stop your music. To express the stem again come play your music. If girlfriend squeeze too long, you"ll readjust the noise cancellation mode instead.

on the AirPods (2nd generation), double-tap either AirPod when it"s in her ear to pause your music. You have the right to do this with initial AirPods as well, yet by default, the double-tap activates Siri instead. Use your connected iPhone or iPad to change this in the settings:

open the Settings app and go come Bluetooth. tap the i switch next to her AirPods. in ~ Double-Tap ~ above AirPods, pick the Play/Pause option.

Siri display screen pausing music top top iPhone
You have the right to ask Siri to do any number of different tasks for you, consisting of pausing the music in her AirPods. If you have actually AirPods (2nd generation) or AirPods Pro, use "Hey Siri" and tell it to "Pause" or "Play" everything you"re listening to.

Alternatively, change the double-tap or press-and-hold settings for your AirPods and also use the sensor come activate Siri instead. You have the right to do this utilizing a connected iPhone or iPad:

open the Settings app and also go come Bluetooth. insanity the i switch next to her AirPods. Beneath where it claims Double-Tap top top AirPod or Press and Hold AirPods, tap the Left or Right AirPod. select Siri native the perform of attributes to do this AirPod activate Siri.

The original AirPods don"t job-related with "Hey Siri," so you should double-tap one AirPod to activate Siri instead. This is the default function for the double-tap on the original AirPods.

Control facility on iPhone with pause button
periodically the quickest and easiest means to pause your AirPods is making use of your linked device. For example, if you"re making use of AirPods to hear to music while looking at another app on your iPhone, girlfriend may as well use the iPhone chin to stop what you"re listening to.

The quickest method to pause music on an iphone or iPad is to open up the manage Center. Swipe down from the top-right edge of the display screen (or swipe up from the bottom that the display if her iPhone has a house button). Climate tap the Pause switch in the playback section.

top top a Mac, press F8 on the keyboard to stop your music or podcasts.

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