Go to File > Options > Mail and scroll under to the For all messages sent, request section.Select the Read receipt confirming the recipient viewed the message check box.To obtain an individual check out receipt, create a new message and also select Options > inquiry a read Receipt. Send the email as normal.

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Microsoft's main email customer is Outlook, i m sorry is obtainable in numerous versions, few of which offer a read-receipt request option. If the sender accepts the read-receipt request, you're educated when your recipient reads the message. Here's exactly how to revolve on read receipts in Microsoft Outlook.

Request read Receipts in Outlook

Outlook is Microsoft's full-featured personal information manager. While it's used mainly as an email client, it additionally has calendaring, journaling, contact management, and other functions. Outlook is easily accessible as part of the Microsoft Office suite for home windows PCs and also Macs and also Microsoft 365 online.

This article covers read receipts for the Microsoft Outlook email client, consisting of Outlook for Microsoft 365, Outlook for Microsoft 365 because that Mac, Outlook because that the web, and Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, and also 2010. Various other Microsoft email clients, such as Outlook.com and Microsoft Mail, don"t have read-receipt functionality.

Request read Receipts for every Messages in Outlook on a computer

With Outlook on a home windows 10 PC, you can request check out receipts for all messages you send or just individual messages. Here's exactly how to set the default because that read-receipt requests on all messages:


To rotate off a read-receipt request for a certain message the you're around to send, navigate to Tools and also clear the Request review Receipt check box.

Request read Receipts making use of Outlook top top a Mac

Outlook for Mac can't set read-receipt requests together a default. However, you can request review receipts because that individual message in Outlook for Microsoft 365 because that Mac or Outlook 2019 for Mac variation 15.35 or later.

There space a couple of other read-receipt caveats through Outlook top top a Mac. Castle only occupational on an individual basis through a Microsoft 365 or Exchange Server account. Plus, review receipts aren't supported for IMAP or POP email accounts, such together a Gmail account.

about Receipts because that Outlook.com and Outlook ~ above the net

Outlook.com is the complimentary webmail variation of the Microsoft Outlook email client. There's no choice to inquiry a check out receipt, one of two people by default or individually, in a continual Outlook.com account or Outlook on the internet via a an individual Microsoft 365 account.

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You can, however, request review receipts if you have an Exchange server account as component of your Microsoft 365 setup as soon as accessing Outlook top top the web. Here"s how:

The state Outlook.com and Outlook top top the web deserve to be confusing. Outlook.com is a totally free webmail client, while Outlook top top the web is the variation of Outlook friend use as soon as you have a Microsoft 365 account and access Outlook from a net browser.