One point Google really wants you to execute is, well, stay in Google — due to the fact that the an ext you do things the Google way, the an ext data the agency can monetize. The an outcome is the while it is feasible to pull her emails, photos, and also other material exterior of the Googleverse, it’s just a tiny bit much more difficult.

For example, let’s say you desire to display an album of household photos that room stored ~ above Google photos to your favorite grandparent. If they’re fairly Google-savvy, it’s not a problem at all — you simply share the album through them.

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Share a photos album ~ above the web

Click top top “Albums” in the left menu.Hover the cursor over the album you desire to share, and also click on the three dots.Click ~ above “Share album.”

All you need to do is click “Share album.” Another way to go:

Click on “Albums” in the left menu.Select the album you want to share.Click ~ above the “Share” icon in the upper-right corner.

Share one album utilizing the mobile image app

Tap top top “Library” in ~ the bottom the the screen.Select the album you want to share.Select “Share.”

However, stop say your grandparents want to download duplicates of the picture to email to a girlfriend or to upload to a non-Google app. Climate things acquire slightly more complicated.

Download a image album on the web

Actually, complicated might be the dorn word. The not an overwhelming to download an album; friend just need to know whereby to look.

Click ~ above “Albums” in the left menu.Open the album you want to share, one of two people by clicking the album in the key section or picking the album surname in the left-hand columnClick ~ above the three dots in the upper-right corner and also select “Download all.”Google will certainly then download a zip paper containing the image from her album.

It’s not daunting to download albums indigenous the web. you can also download lot of albums (or all your albums) by making use of Google Takeout, which allows you fiddle data being organized in your Google Account:

Click on “Deselect all” (because this page immediately checks off every Google company you use).Page down to Google Photos and select it by click in the examine box.Click on the button that claims “All picture albums included.” Again, click on “Deselect all” and also then inspect the crate of those albums you do want come download. (Of course, if you want download all her albums, then simply keep it the method it is.)Click on “Multiple formats” for information around how your photos will certainly be downloaded. For example, the yes, really photos will be downloaded in the same layout that they to be uploaded, if metadata will certainly be downloaded together JSON files.Scroll down and click on “Next step.”You have the right to then select how you’ll obtain your albums. You deserve to receive the paper via an e-mail link or have it send to Dropbox, Drive, OneDrive, or Box. Girlfriend can also choose if you want this to it is in a one-time download, whether you want it together a ZIP or TGZ file, and also what the maximum size of the file should be. Click “Create export.” Be aware that it might take a while because that you to get your violin — follow to Google, it could take hrs or work (although when I make the efforts it v a single album, that took about a minute). You will certainly receive an email informing girlfriend of the effective download and offering girlfriend a link to download your files, or if you select to send them to a cloud storage service, to whereby they to be sent.

Download one album making use of the mobile image app

The answer to this is an extremely simple: friend can’t. Over there are, however, a pair of workarounds that you can use. Because that example, you can use Google Takeout making use of your mobile device’s browser and also follow the steps provided above. Girlfriend can likewise share the photos in ~ the album to email or Google Drive, and then download them native there. This second technique is nice awkward, however it does work.

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Here’s how you share to email or Drive. (The photos presented are native a Pixel 3 XL running Android 12 beta, yet the process should be the same for many Android phones and also iPhones.)

In the image app, choose “Library” native the bottom the the screen.Look for the “Albums” heading, and then tap top top the album you desire to download.Press and hold ~ above the first photo till you see a check in the box in the upper-left corner of the photo. Then traction your finger down until all the picture in the album are checked.Tap top top the “share” icon on the optimal right that the screen.From here, you can either email the picture to yourself (an oldie but goodie) or conserve them to her favorite virtual storage service and download them from there.