Points deserve to be rented on buzzpatterson.com just in these ways:

1) use your points come reserve a certain week, then post that week because that rent ~ above the resort"s page.

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2) add a rental posting to one (or more) pertinent resort page(s) mirroring the full variety of dates you may be able to book, based on availability.

Do not add a SALES posting for points unless you intend to sell your entire points ownership.

Can"t uncover your will or suggest system?

Let us recognize by e-mail, or contact 1-866-971-1737 (8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Pacific time, Mon - Fri). Too much hassle? use our full-service rental or full-service resale options.

More travellers than any other timeshare website.An audience of end 2.6 million travelers & timeshare owners.Thousands of day-to-day visitors... Numerous coming straight to your resort"s page.Thousands of e-mail notifications sent out to interested renters and also buyers every week.Many postings obtain a response within the an initial week.Unique payment options accessible to ensure protection for both parties.

Resale PostingsDIY resale posting$59.99 for 12 monthsFull-service resale$125 because that 12 months+ $399 or 3% the price only once sold

buzzpatterson.com is the biggest online marketplace for "by-owner" timeshare rentals and also resales. If you own a timeshare, you can short article your providing yourself, or usage our full-service rental or full-service resale alternatives and obtain assistance indigenous buzzpatterson.com"s full-service team (backed through buzzpatterson.com real Estate).
If you use a DIY posting option, you are free to job-related out the details through your renter or buyer directly. Rentals have actually the option of using buzzpatterson.com"s virtual booking device for the rental agreement and also payment. You can likewise use our full-service rental or full-service resale options, and also we will guide you with the procedure from begin to finish.

Many buzzpatterson.com members have conveniently rented or offered their timeshares. Take it a look at our member testimonials.

No, RCI and also II both prohibit this practice, as execute some the the smaller sized exchange companies. Please be sure to inspect that renting her timeshare isn"t versus any company"s terms before posting to buzzpatterson.com.

The pricing of your timeshare rental or sale must be largely based upon supply and demand. Inspect out your resort"s page on buzzpatterson.com to view what other owners space charging for comparable units, and use our What"s my Timeshare Worth tool to see historical rates through week and also unit size. No issue what price girlfriend choose, make certain you authorize up to be notified as brand-new postings are included on her resort"s page. This will allow you to keep track of her competition and tweak her pricing (for no extra charge) together you go.

If you own points or time in a holidays club, you have actually a pair of alternatives for posting your offer, assuming her ownership doesn"t prohibit you from law so: For rentals:If selecting DIY, article several rental ads throughout the will you have the right to reserve, making certain to deactivate lock all once you find a renter.For resales:

If your allude system is no yet accommodated, or you very own at a holidays club, friend can write-up several resale ads throughout resorts friend can acquire with her ownership, making certain to deactivate them all when you discover a buyer.

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Read our step-by-step guides because that renting her timeshare or offering your timeshare on your own, or use our full-service rental or full-service resale alternatives and permit us manage it for you.