How to sell something on Craigslist

Need to market something quickly? Craigslist is a website you have the right to use come view and also post local advertisements. It works just like the Classifieds section of a newspaper, and also it's completely cost-free to use. We'll present you how to short article something because that sale top top Craigslist, in addition to some tips for developing the best kind of listing and also how to continue to be safe when making a transaction. Watch this video clip to acquire started:

Posting an object to Craigslist

To get started, go to in your internet browser, climate locate and also select article to classifieds.

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Select the kind of posting you want to make. In this example, we're marketing a bicycle, so we'll choose because that sale through owner.



The main posting page will appear.

This is where you'll add information about the item. Pay distinct attention come the contact info section close to the top. We recommend using the Craigslist mail relay option.


You'll only want to administer your email address here. This creates a short-term email address, and also any message you receive about the item will certainly be forwarded to her inbox. Us don't recommend including your phone call number here, just for the sake of privacy.

Now you can get in the title, your wanted price, and some information about the article in the posting body.

We recommend offering as much detail as possible here. The more questions you have the right to answer at this stage, the much easier it will be to sell your item. Just like your phone number, we don't recommend adding your physical address for this early posting, therefore you'll desire to uncheck the crate next to display on Maps.


When you're ready, click continue.

The Image Uploader page need to appear. This is whereby you can incorporate a photo of the item, i m sorry is very recommended. To acquire started, click include Images.

The images will show up so you can preview them. If you want to readjust the key (featured) image that's associated with her post, simply click and drag any image to the far or top left.

When you're finished, click Done through Images.
Confirm the posting from your inbox.

At this point, you'll require to inspect the email resolve you provided and look because that a blog post from Craigslist. Once you open up the message, locate and select the very very first link you see.

This will take you come the posting check page. You'll need to accept the regards to Use because that Craigslist, and your item will be posted.

Wait for buyers to call you.

Ok, so currently what? in ~ this point, you'll have to wait until someone contact you around your posting. If you used the CL mail Relay choice as us suggested, you should see messages around your posting in her inbox. Depending upon the item you're selling, people may have follow-up questions about the item, or they may simply want to come see it in person.

This is more than likely the most essential step in the selling process, and it yes, really doesn't also involve Craigslist in ~ this point.

Basically, you'll need to pick a time and place to meet with interested buyers to let them view the item and decide if they'll purchase it.

Meet up and also exchange the item.

Here come the component where you'll have to take her transaction into the genuine world. And while the majority of transactions top top Craigslist are fully safe, you'll want to take some straightforward precautions anytime you usage the site:

Meet in a public place, choose a coffee shop or a busy shopping center.Never invite someone directly to her home.Meet during daylight hours.If at all possible, use cash. Never ever accept a an individual check or cable transfer.

If you're selling something girlfriend can't require to a windy place, such together furniture, us recommend having actually at least an extra human with you because that safety.

As with any type of service choose this, use your finest judgment. If an sell sounds too good to be true, it probably is. And also if friend don't feeling comfortable during a transaction, girlfriend can constantly ask the buyer to leave. Inspect out Craigslist's an individual safety tips page for even an ext advice.

Delete the posting.

After you've marketed your item, you'll want to go ago to your initial email from Craigslist, usage the link to open the manage posting page, climate delete the posting. This will protect against other civilization from contacting you about the item.

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That's it! Happy Craigslisting!

We expect this write-up has provided you a good overview that the selling process for Craigslist! We'd also recommend Craigslist's aid and FAQ page for even much more advice about using the site.