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Tap and also hold a video clip in Google photos to see the toolbar v a Share button at the height of the screen. Dave Johnson/Business Insider


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In the pop-up window, tap "Create link." after ~ a moment, you"ll see a message that the connect has been copied.


usage the "Create link" button to re-superstructure your video clip with others. Dave Johnson/Business Insider

5. madness the app you want to share the attach in. Depending on the app, you must now watch the attach pasted into the message, all set to send, or a list of contacts you can pick to send that to.

How come send large videos top top a Samsung Galaxy phone call by sharing a link

Samsung uses its own method to re-superstructure videos v a link, however unlike Google Photos, Samsung generates a temporary attach — the video clip isn"t save permanently in the cloud, so you don"t need to have easily accessible online storage an are to perform this.

1. begin the Gallery application on your Samsung phone.

2. Tap and also hold the video clip you want to share for one to 2 seconds. When you lift your finger, you must see a toolbar in ~ the bottom of the screen.

3. tap "Share."


After choosing a video, madness "Share" at the bottom that the screen. Dave Johnson/Business Insider

4. In the list of apps, insanity "Link Sharing."

5. In the pop-up window, insanity "Copy" and then dough the link in the application you want to use. Alternatively, you have the right to just insanity an app from the perform in the pop-up home window and the connect will automatically show up in the selected app.


select an application from the perform to share your video. Dave Johnson/Business Insider

How come send huge video on Android using other cloud services

While Google image is typically the simplest solution, you might not have actually enough accessible storage an are to keep your videos there, or you can opt not to sync with Google Photos. If that"s the case, you have the right to use a different cloud storage company instead. You have the right to share videos through Dropbox, OneDrive, or any type of other significant cloud service.

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Both Dropbox and OneDrive have actually the option to instantly upload photos and videos, lot like Google Photos. After installing the app on her phone and setting the choice for automatic uploads, you have the right to select and also share image from in ~ those apps.

OneDrive can immediately upload your videos to the cloud, whereby you have the right to share links with other people. Dave Johnson/Business Insider
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