We always end increase going to Google as shortly as we open up a website, so why no make that the house page? It"s a basic process!

When you buy an Android smartphone, a PC, or a Chromebook, girlfriend will likely want to inspect out Google’s Chrome web browser. Among the very first things you might want to execute is to set up a homepage top top Chrome. Numerous like to have actually the main Google start web page as their homepage for your browser. It uses a direct method to find for anything girlfriend want. There room some quite extra attributes as well, such together weather forecasts and also more.

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But just how do i make Google mine homepage on Chrome? as you could imagine, it’s actually pretty straightforward to have Google as the an initial web page you see whenever you open up a new tab of Chrome.

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Make Google your homepage ~ above Android – how to collection it up


After you open Chrome, tap ~ above the browser’s three-dot menu icon, situated on the peak right side of the app.You then desire to role down and also tap top top the Settings option.Select the Home Page option.Make certain the Home page is toggled on.Tap top top Enter custom net address.Type in the “www.google.com” URL in that section, and you space all set.Read more: Chrome for Android tips and tricks girlfriend should know about

Make Google mine homepage on computer – how to collection it up

If you have downloaded the Chrome browser on your computer or purchased a Chromebook, the way to collection up Chrome as your homepage is the same.


Launch Chrome, and then move your cursor come the menu icon, located on the height right next of the app.Scroll down and also click top top the Settings option.

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Type in the “http://www.google.com” URL, and also then click the Add button.You should be all set. The following time friend launch Chrome, Google should appear as your homepage.That’s exactly how you do Google your homepage v Chrome. Store in mind that these procedures are not restricted to simply the Google site. If you desire to use another web web page as your Chrome residence page, kind in the appropriate URL, as explained in the last section that both tutorials, and it have to be collection up as your Chrome homepage.