American Airlines and also American Eagle room in business to provide safe, dependable and also friendly air transportation to our customers, together with numerous related services. We are specialized to do every trip you take with us miscellaneous special. Her safety, comfort and convenience space our most necessary concerns. American Airlines and American Eagle originally submitted their joint customer Service arrangement to the department of transport (DOT) in 1999 and also updated that in 2010 and 2011.

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We space in business to administer safe, dependable, and friendly air transport to ours customers, in addition to numerous associated services, in the wishes that you will certainly fly us again and again. Us work an extremely hard to do your entire experience with us, native making a preventive to deplaning in ~ your final destination, a confident one. Back we space successful in this initiative most the the time, there are times as soon as things execute not go as smoothly together we, and you, would certainly like. Operating a network of an ext than 3400 flights and servicing hundreds of thousands that passengers every day is an overwhelming and complex. Inevitably, several of our flights are influenced by disadvantage circumstances, several of which are within our control and also some of which space not.

This client service arrangement addresses a variety of the business goals us have characterized for ourselves. Every customer is important to American Airlines and American Eagle, and also we are devoted to make every flight you take v us miscellaneous special. Your safety, comfort, and also convenience room our most important concerns.

Lowest fare availabilityDelays, cancellations, and diversion eventsEssential client needs during extraordinary delaysAssistance as soon as your flight has to be delayed or cancelledBaggage deliveryBaggage liabilityGuaranteed fares and also 24-hour organize policy because that American airlines flights (including American airlines flights operated by codeshare partners)Ticket refundsAccommodation that customers through special needsFlights with oversalesFrequent flyer regime - buzzpatterson.comdvantageOther take trip policiesService with residential codeshare partnersHandling of customer issues

Customers phone call our appointments office or visiting our airline ticket workplaces or ticket counters will be available the lowest accessible fare, to exclude, of web only fares, when specific dates and times space provided. If you carry out not provide specific information about your take trip requirements, we will carry out you v a range of fares because that your general needs. In the occasion the lowest easily accessible fare is no quoted, American"s liability is minimal to the difference between the fare quoted and also the lowest easily accessible fare for which the customer to be eligible at the time. If reduced fares are easily accessible online or elsewhere, we will advise this is the case.

Helpful suggestions:

Basic economic situation is our shortest fare available but comes with restrictionsState preferred days of travelBear in mental that most of the shortest fares commonly require advance purchase, minimum stay and also flexible travel plansMake reservations and purchase tickets as far in advancement as possibleAvoid optimal travel days automatically prior to or ~ a holidayConsider near-by alternative airportsRequest details fares, if standard (e.g., an elderly citizen fares or energetic military fares)Check fare choices on ours website,

In the U.S., please call American airline or American Eagle at 800-433-7300 for more information. If help is essential in Spanish, you might dial 800-633-3711. If you have actually a hear or speech impairment, you may contact American airline or American Eagle at 800-543-1586. Worldwide reservations are handled through regional offices, and also those numbers have the right to be found in regional telephone directories.

American Airlines and American Eagle will provide customers at the airport and also onboard an affected aircraft with timely and frequent updates regarding known delays, cancellations, and also diversions in ~ 30 minute of becoming aware of the trip irregularity, and also will strive to provide the best obtainable information worrying the expression of delays and, come the level available, the flight"s anticipated exit time.

It is American Airlines and also American Eagle"s plan to call you in advance, whenever reasonable, at the call number(s) noted in the reservation record. If friend booked your bookings with a take trip agency, reservations representatives effort to call the company when no customer phone call exists. In addition, we carry out phone, email and text updates because that those customers who sign up for trip status notification via

It is sometimes vital for flights come divert, or land in ~ a place other than the flight"s plan destination. Clinical emergencies and severe weather conditions are instances of cases when a flight could land in another city. If we believe there is a reasonable possibility that a trip will it is in diverted, that details will be provided to you before departure, as soon as available. Because that example, the Orange County/John Wayne plane in Santa Ana, California, has actually a curfew for inbound flights that 11 p.m. As result of noise restrictions. If us are mindful that headwinds will certainly be an especially strong enroute and also will affect the flight"s come time, possibly making the trip arrive also late come land in ~ Orange County, an announcement will be made that it is feasible that the trip will land in ~ Los Angeles international Airport instead. In the event a diversion decision wake up after the aircraft has departed, the in-flight crew will notify you.

When your flight is canceled or a delay will cause you to miss out on your connection, we will certainly rebook you on our next trip with available seats. If the hold-up or cancellation was led to by occasions within our control or you were diverted to one more city, and we don’t plank to your last destination before 11:59 p.m. Local time, we"ll arrange an overnight continue to be at her connecting airport, if available.

If the hold-up or cancellation is led to by events beyond our regulate (like weather) you are responsible for your own overnight accommodations, meals and also incidental expenses. American airline agents may be maybe to help you find a hotel.

If you decide no to fly due to the fact that of a trip cancellation or a major delay, you have the right to request a refund because that the continuing to be ticket value and also related optional fees.

Request a refundOpens in a brand-new window

Essential customer needs throughout extraordinary delays

Our height priority is the safety and also well-being of ours customers, and also we are focused on having actually all ours flights arrive and deplane top top schedule. On an extremely rare occasions, there may be extraordinary occasions that result in very an extensive onboard delays. This are instances in i m sorry an aircraft is delayed on the ground (other 보다 on an active runway or taxiway) but does no have access to a terminal gate for an ext than two hours. We have occurred detailed contingency plans in ~ every residential airport to attend to these situations. In such events, we will make every reasonable initiative to ensure your essential needs, such as snack food, water, hygiene facilities, and straightforward medical assistance, room met. Every American Airlines and American Eagle U.S. Plane team has an operational contingency plan in ar to resolve these needs, which includes coordination v the neighborhood airport authorities and also other airline serving the airport once appropriate. Each plan designates a local manage person to coordinate tasks of the local team and also communicate through our main operations team at headquarters.

Helpful suggestions

Whenever feasible give us a cell phone number when you do a reservation or check in and sign increase for trip Status notice on

Assistance as soon as your flight has to be delayed or cancelled

We expect, together you do, that American Airlines and also American Eagle will operate flights top top time. Top top occasion, the weather or other difficulties can make it difficult, if not difficult to continue to be on schedule. When a hold-up or cancellation walk occur, our goal is to acquire you come your location safely, and as conveniently as possible.

American Airlines and also American Eagle have dedicated extensive resources and also efforts to ensure our customers and also their bags travel on the exact same flight. In the occasion your confirm bags carry out not arrive on her flight, reasonable initiatives will be made to ensure that the bag is returned to you in ~ 24 hrs for flights in ~ the U.S. Due to the fact that we cannot guarantee the shipment of baggage brought by one more airline, our score to return bags within 24 hours applies only as soon as we are the carrier acquisition you to your last destination. Once checked baggage is delayed, an American Airlines/American Eagle Baggage organization Representative will certainly compensate reasonable interim prices to purchase items essential for instant use. Returning her bags may take longer on global flights because of flight duration, frequency of flights, or customizeds & Immigration steps at the location airport. American Airlines and American Eagle effort to contact customers who unclaimed checked baggage contains contact information. If American determines the your package is lost, you will certainly be reimbursed for any type of checked baggage charges.

If you space unable to find a bag upon arrival, you should inform a baggage organization agent before leaving the airport. At that time, the bag shipment procedure will be explained, and you will certainly be listed with a delay baggage receipt explaining the baggage recovery process. Girlfriend can additionally check the condition of bags online.

Delayed bag searchOpens an additional site in a new window that may not meet availability guidelines.

Once a delayed or misrouted bag is located, a delivery firm will return the bag to your local deal with at our expense. There are some scenarios that may inhibit our ability to return her bags within 24 hours:

No regional name/address/phone numbers room providedYou are located at a remote location or one "unreachable" address, such together a cruise ship or a camping siteYou readjusted your delivery address, however did not notify usWe have restricted flight schedules to your location Operational circumstances stop American airline or American Eagle from gift able to find or supply your bags in ~ this timeframe

A document of her delayed baggage report is obtainable and consists of the call information and delivery address you listed when girlfriend filed her report. Visit our delay bags page for more information.

Delayed bags

Helpful suggestions:

Although statistics indicate it is very likely your luggage will certainly arrive with you, there is a possibility it can inadvertently it is in misrouted. For this reason, it is vital to place your name, address, and telephone number(s) top top the outside and inside of your bag. This will also make your bag simpler to identify when claiming that at her destination. You should additionally carry specific items onboard through you. These could include, yet are not limited to, take trip documents, medication, jewelry, cash, keys, company documents, electronics, or various other items of particularly high an individual value.

Domestic take trip is identified as take trip in i m sorry the itinerary stays within the U.S., consisting of Puerto Rico and/or the U.S. Virgin Islands. American Airlines and American Eagle will reimburse as much as $3,800 every ticketed residential customer for lost or damaged confirm baggage, topic to case verification. The details procedures because that making shed or damaged baggage insurance claims will be noted to friend at the time a case is filed. We will not salary for typical wear and also tear on checked baggage or because that loss or damage to thing you carry on plank in the passenger cabin. Specific items (e.g., cash, jewelry, cameras) room excluded from liability for lost or damaged confirm baggage. A complete list the the limitations and also exclusions is in our problems of carriage and also is also available upon request.

International travel is characterized as travel in i m sorry the itinerary includes one or an ext segments the travel external of the U.S., consisting of Puerto Rico and/or the U.S. Virgin Islands. For take trip governed by the Warsaw Convention, we will certainly reimburse approximately $9.07 per pound, as much as a maximum weight of 70 pounds per confirm bag (a best of $634.90 per confirm bag). For take trip governed by the Montreal Convention, we will certainly reimburse as much as 1,288 SDR"s every ticketed customer. These boundaries may be lower for additional pieces to specific international destinations or as soon as using connecting carriers.

Federal regulations require that confirm baggage stay unlocked. Improperly pack items (e.g., boxes) or those taken into consideration fragile (e.g., paintings) might not be covered under American airlines or American Eagle"s baggage liability provisions. If the worth of the components of a confirm bag exceeds our conventional coverage you may purchase extr baggage insurance. This insurance, known as excess value coverage, might be purchased in ~ the ticket respond to when check in. Excess worth insurance does not cover damage. Not all high value items space covered through this insurance, so you need to verify with the agent that your details belongings are included.

When girlfriend buy a ticket top top or v American Airlines bookings at the very least 2 days prior to departure, you have up come 24 hours from the time of ticket acquisition to request refund. The 24 hour refund policy uses to every ticket types, but you have to cancel your trip to gain a refund.* appointments booked as part of team block carry out not qualify because that the 24 hour refund.

buzzpatterson.comdvantage® compensation tickets have the right to be canceled anytime on We’ll reinstate her miles and also refund standard taxes and fees up to 1 year ~ the ticket issue date, however you need to cancel her trip prior to your very first flight departs. Over there is no fee come reinstate her miles.

Canceling flight and also upgrade awards and also reinstating miles

Refunds will certainly be authorize in the complete amounts, less:

Sale-imposed nonrefundable taxesService fee for booking v ReservationsTaxes we have to pay even if it is or no you travel

Some countries have different rules about refunds, and also if so, we will follow those rules.

Our regular refund policies use after 24 hours. If girlfriend make changes to your pilgrimage after 24 hrs you may owe any difference in ticket price and change fees.

Cancel your trip

To cancel her trip, find your pilgrimage on or contact Reservations and also refunds will be handle automatically.

Find your trip

Call Reservations

If you can’t cancel your pilgrimage online or need additional information speak to Reservations for help.

Contact Reservations

*If friend bought her ticket v a travel firm or an additional booking source, contact them because that a refund.

American airlines strives to procedure eligible refunds after we obtain all required information. Store in mind, part optional products and also services tickets space not refundable. Read our refunds FAQs for details.

Refunds faqs

Some nations have different rules about refunds, and if so, we will certainly follow those rules.

Tickets, optional products and services

Refunds to a credit card

For every eligible tickets and also optional products and services bought in ~ the U.S. V a credit transaction card, refunds will be processed in ~ 7 organization days that receiving the request and also required information. Save in mind, it may take approximately 2 billing cycles to display on your credit card statement.

Refunds for credit card purchases will certainly be made only to the credit card account. Organization charges are accumulated for some refunds.

Cash or check refunds

If friend paid because that tickets and also optional products and also services v cash or a check, we’ll process the refund in ~ 20 service days the receiving the request and also required information.

Refunds the taxes

You can request a refund of default taxes contained in the ticket price. If eligible, we"ll refund the original type of payment.

Destination-specific counting not implemented by us might be eligibleTaxes we should pay whether you travel space not eligible.

Request a refund

You deserve to request a refund online, through contacting Reservations, or by mail or fax.

Mail to:

American AirlinesAttention: Passenger Refunds4000 E. Skies Harbor Blvd.Phoenix, AZ 85034

Required documents and also information

Submit all forced documents and information through your refund inquiry including:

The receipt for a precious ticket or optional products and also services prior to the expiration date. Keep in mind, tickets and also optional services expire 1 year indigenous the day they are issued.The ticket number for electronic ticketsA brief written explanationYour name, address, and also phone number

Please note, part requests may take longer, because that example, tickets bought external the U.S. In an additional currency or tickets that require research or verification. We are not liable for much longer processing times.

Unaccompanied young service

American Airlines and also American Eagle"s unaccompanied boy service permits children in specific circumstances to travel alone on our flights.

Guidelines for our unaccompanied minor service:

Children 5 years and older might travel on American airlines or American Eagle ~ above non-stop or same-plane flights.Children have to be 8-14 years old to take trip itineraries request a connection on American airlines or American Eagle, connecting flights have to be through the adhering to airports: CLT, DCA, DFW, JFK, LAX, LGA, MIA, ORD, PHL, PHX.Children 15-17 years old are thought about young adults and are not forced to use the unaccompanied boy service. However, the unaccompanied minor business is accessible to castle upon request and also under the very same provisions.American Airlines and also American Eagle perform not expropriate unaccompanied youngsters (UMNR) as soon as their itinerary consists of a connection to/from one more airline, including codeshare and oneworld® partners.A charge is assessed for offering unaccompanied young service.

When acquisition your child"s reservation, we will certainly request call numbers for parents or guardians. At check-in, friend will additionally be asked to administer names, addresses, and home and business phone numbers for you and also the party meeting your child. This information is provided in identifying the party conference your kid upon arrival, and also it will assist us in contacting you if necessary. Us recommend check in early at the airport come ensure the you have actually adequate time to complete the compelled paperwork and also pre-board her child.

The welfare the unaccompanied minors is a issue we take really seriously. In advancement or ~ above check-in, if over there is a possibility that her child"s flight can be delay or misconnect for any kind of reason, we may readjust your child"s trip schedule, including the departure date.

An plane representative will assist your kid at the connecting city, escort your boy to his or her following flight, and also deliver your son to the human being meeting the or she at the location airport. We do not accept bookings for one unaccompanied boy if the would mean his or her connecting flight would be the last trip of the day.

Additional details on our unaccompanied minor company are obtainable from Reservations.

Helpful suggestions:

You need to stay v your son until that or she board the aircraft and remain in ~ the airport until the trip leaves the gateProvide your kid with an extra copy the his or her contact phone numbersBefore going to the airport, define what will certainly happen during the child"s trip and let them understand what come expect; this may incorporate teaching that or her about airplanes, sounds, connecting flights, etc.Provide your child with books, food or various other items i m sorry can aid entertain him or her during the tripLet us know if it is her child"s first flight therefore that, if time permits, us can offer him or her a tiny extra attention

Customers through disabilities

American Airlines and American Eagle venture to carry out passengers with disabilities dignified, professional, and also courteous company at all times. We have a team of employee who frequently consult with disability advisory teams on how we deserve to improve airline availability and the high quality of our service.

Reservations special aid coordinators

American Airlines and American Eagle reservations Offices keep a staff of Special assistance Coordinators (SACs) whose role is to make pre-travel arrangements for our customers v disabilities. They have been specifically trained to work with client who have actually self-identified as having actually a disability and also are requesting one-of-a-kind assistance.

The appointments representative who responds come the customer"s initial speak to passes pertinent info to a SAC. They will then personally call the client to kinds their impairment and carry out a toll-free number because that follow increase questions. This info is communicated to Airport and also Flight solutions personnel to ensure every American personnel are notified and prepared to satisfy the customer"s request.

Pre-reserved seats

American Airlines and American Eagle block a minimal number of seat on each aircraft to accommodate client who determine themselves as having actually a qualified disability. Surrounding seats are provided, under certain circumstances, because that customers through disabilities who must travel v a companion for assistance.

Carry-on assistive devices

Canes, crutches and walkers capable of being collapsed little enough come fit into approved overhead and also under chair stowage areas do no count towards your carry-on baggage item limit. They must be tiny enough to it is in stowed in such a manner as no to protrude into any type of seating heat floor space or main aisle. Item such together seat cushions, detachable regulate boxes, armrests or footrests may also be carried on board through you.

Electronic clinical assistive gadgets such as CPAP machines, respirators, ventilators that usage non-spillable batteries might be embraced in the cabin ~ above an individual basis listed they meet details safety trial and error standards.


American Airlines and American Eagle expropriate motorized and non-motorized assistive gadgets for transport. As soon as necessary, we will certainly disassemble and also reassemble wheelchairs or assistive devices for customers as soon as they travel. American Airlines and American Eagle provide storage for one passenger"s collapsible, manual wheelchair in the cabin of every aircraft. This service is available on a first-come, first-served basis and also has priority end carryon baggage belonging to various other customers that board in ~ the same city, detailed the customer adheres to the pre-boarding procedure. In-cabin stowage space for assistive tools cannot it is in pre-reserved, but American Airlines and American Eagle accept carryon wheelchairs, provided they collapse to fit in an overhead bin or under a seat.

Non-collapsible wheelchairs/scooters are welcomed as checked baggage. This items can be confirm at the main ticket counter or the leave gate. American Airlines and American Eagle market a distinct wheelchair organization that allows you to inspect your wheelchair at the exit gate and also claim that at her arrival gate cost-free of charge. Return you can arrange to insurance claim your chair at the connecting city, us recommend the the chair it is in checked through to the final destination. The added time compelled to claim and recheck her chair at the connecting city might compromise your capacity to make her connection. American Airlines and also American Eagle have wheelchairs and also our representatives administer wheelchair organization at connecting airports. You re welcome let us understand you will need this assistance when making her reservation.

Assistive devices approved for cabin transport execute not count towards the combined variety of checked and carryon package a passenger is allowed complimentary of charge, nor execute they count toward the limit on carryon items friend may bring on board.

Boarding assistance

If you have special needs, upon request, pre-boarding aid will be listed to you, permitting you the possibility to be sit prior to basic boarding. A special aisle chair is available to aid you if you room unable to walk, and all of our jet aircraft room equipped v specially designed seat that attribute moveable aisle armrests to aid make seating easier.

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Medical oxygen

Customers requiring inflight medical oxygen might use only portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) throughout all phases the the flight. A 48-hour advance notice is compelled to complete medical paperwork and also to ensure the an enough supply the fully-charged batteries is available to strength the device. Please call Reservations in ~ 1-800-433-7300 come arrange for assistance.