MRI scans are among the safest clinical procedures accessible yet some patients dread the experience. Here"s our top tips for exactly how to continue to be calm and also get her scan.

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MRI scanners are facility machines capable of looking deep within human tissue come diagnose all sorts of medical conditions. Yet to perform so, patients have to remain still inside a limit space, sometimes for long periods of time.

Our imaging teams from around the UK know that it have the right to be tough to face an MRI scan, specifically if you"re claustrophobic, afraid of the according to noises, hate remaining still or are anxious around the results. So us asked them for their optimal tips to acquire through one MRI.

1. Speak to her technician


MRI is a according to scan. However the present of interaction are constantly open in between you and the technician operation the machine. You"ll be given a set of headphones via which you can talk and listen to each other. The technician will certainly tell girlfriend what"s happening and answer your questions, yet to continue to be calm occasionally the conversation needs to walk a small deeper.

Use the quieter moments between scanning sequences come brag around your children"s exam outcomes or where you"re walking on holiday following month. If girlfriend can"t think of anything, talk about the weather or her favourite TV display - anything come take your mind turn off the scan.If you"d quite not talk, questioning the technician come play music v the headphones for you.

2. Select your tunes


Most MRI"s have the ability to pat music with the headphones girlfriend wear in the scanner. In most situations you can carry your own CD or music device to play the music girlfriend like. Choose something that you discover soothing and also helps you come relax.

3. Lug a friend

Unlike some various other diagnostic imaging machines, MRI scanners don"t need radiation come look deep inside her body. There is no radiation, a girlfriend can regularly remain with you transparent the scan. You can be inside the MRI"s bore however they have the right to stay in the room and also hold your ankle, or her hand as long as they don"t get in the means of the scan. Like anyone going right into an MRI room, they"ll should be confirm for any magnetic material and only go into with the technician"s approval.

4. Exercise mindfulness

Try this pointer from one of our radiology team members in York: Close her eyes. Make certain there is no tension in the jaw area and also be mindful of her tongue sitting in the floor that the mouth. Imagine a light which radiates warmth, coming right into your feet. Make it travel all the means up her body, down your arms right into each finger and then back up right into the neck, roughly the face and also then sit in the peak of the head, until you great it to leave the body.

5. Undertake a resting mask

How often do you gain the possibility to lie down, close her eyes and take some time out? If you"re an especially anxious around confined spaces, put a sleeping mask on prior to the bed slides right into the bore. That means you won"t see the confined room and you won"t be tempted come look roughly like you might be if you simply closed her eyes.

6. Take a mental wander

Pretend the MRI scanner is a transportation machine that have the right to send you anywhere in the world. Imagine rambling under the highways of brand-new York, exploring the Italian countryside, or sunbathing ~ above a Spanish beach. If you"re having difficulty picturing it, imagine getting up and walking the end of the room you"re in. Remember where the doors and stairways are. Take note of the details you noticed on your method in. Walk outside and wander under the road. Pop right into a coffee shop. You"re only minimal by your imagination.

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Some MRI"s, prefer the one available at our Manchester Diagnostic Suite, even help to collection the mood v the assist of ambient lighting technology, video projectors and music players.