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Autoplay is among those attributes that an ext and much more people desire to disable. It’s regularly distracting to have audio and video clip automatically begin playing top top a website. If you’re a Microsoft sheet user, here’s how to disable autoplay.

You have actually two options to prevent the automatic playing of audio and video clip in the sheet browser. You can either border the autoplay function or block autoplay on website altogether. We’ll explain both below.

Limit Autoplay in Microsoft Edge

By limiting autoplay, media such together a video clip will still instantly play, but you won’t’ hear the audio until you do the tab active.

To enable the border option, open up Microsoft Edge, click the three dots top top the optimal right, and choose “Settings.”


You have the right to then one of two people navigate to the setup or find for it.

To navigate, select “Cookies and also Site Permissions” ~ above the left. Then, scroll under to and also click “Media Autoplay” on the right.


To search, form the word “Autoplay” into the Search settings box top top the top left. You should then check out the Media Autoplay option highlight for you to pick.


Click the drop-down arrow on the right and choose “Limit” and note the summary of this option.


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Block Autoplay in Microsoft Edge

You may be wondering why there isn’t a “Block” choice in the Media Autoplay setting. That’s because, together of this composing in July 2021, the capability to block autoplay is an experimental feature. Like comparable features in Google Chrome, you deserve to locate and enable it top top the experiments page.

To continue, form or copy and paste the complying with into the Edge deal with bar and also hit Enter:

edge://flagsNote the warning ~ above the experiment page before you permit the feature.



In the find box in ~ the top, kind Autoplay. You’ll then see the feature labeled present Block option in Autoplay setups with that is description. Click the drop-down arrow on the right and select “Enabled.”


You’ll climate be asked to restart leaf to apply the change. Click “Restart” on the bottom right.


Now, head ago to setups > Cookies and also Site Permissions > Media Autoplay. You’ll view that friend now have an choice for Block in the drop-down list. Go ahead and also select it and you’re set.


If girlfriend use various other browsers in addition to Edge, learn just how to stop videos indigenous autoplaying in Chrome and disable autoplay in Firefox.

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Sandy WrittenhouseWith her B.S. In info Technology, Sandy operated for numerous years in the IT industry as a task Manager, room Manager, and also PMO Lead. She learned how modern technology can enrich both experienced and an individual lives by using the appropriate tools. And, she has actually shared those suggestions and how-tos on plenty of websites end time. Through thousands of write-ups under she belt, Sandy strives to aid others use technology to your advantage. Read complete Bio »

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