Whether you desire to protect against disturbing content or preserve bandwidth, here's just how to rotate off autoplay videos top top Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and also Amazon Video.

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On iOS and Android, click your profile and select Settings and also Privacy > Display and also Sound and uncheck Media previews.



Autoplay in on facebook meansviews see views, so the company is i can not qualify to revolve it off.

On Facebook.com, click the downward-facing arrowhead on the upper right and also select Settings & Privacy > Settings. Then on the left menu, choose Videos and go come Auto-Play Videos. Native the drop-down, pick Off.


On mobile, navigate come Settings & Privacy > Settings. Under Media and also Contacts, select Videos and also Photos > never ever Autoplay Videos.



Instagram walk not carry out the choice to totally disable auto-play. However you have the right to use much less data, i m sorry is beneficial for those with restricted bandwidth every month. On mobile, go to your profile, pick the hamburger icon on the peak right and also tap Settings > Account > cellular Data Use and also toggle Use much less Data to on.


When you open Instagram, the sound top top autoplay videos is off. Yet if you tap the sound on for one video, every other video in your feed will likewise play sound until you madness your display again. Once you close the end of an Instagram session, the application is reset to quiet for the next time you open the app.


Google is not one to offer up any type of sweet, sweet video clip views, therefore it too has enabled autoplay top top YouTube.com. To disable it, look because that the small slider with a play icon. Click it come disable autoplay. ~ above mobile, insanity the video clip you"re watching and also look for the very same prompt; tap come toggle off.



Netflix has two ways to autoplay. First there"s that binge-feeding autoplay the happens v the next episode once you"re the town hall a series. Then there"s preview autoplays. To turn off both, you should log into your account native a browser.

On the optimal right, click your profile icon and also select Account. Scroll under to profile & Parental Controls, choose your account (if you have actually multiple profiles) and click adjust next come Playback settings. Under Autoplay controls for , make certain that Autoplay next Episode in a series on all Devices and also Autoplay Previews on all Devices space unchecked. Click Save.



Hulu has lots of good offerings, but that doesn"t mean you desire to clock them earlier to back.

On a web browser, while a present or movie is playing, click the equipment icon on the bottom right and also toggle Autoplay to off. On mobile, select your user symbol > setups > Autoplay and move the slider to the turn off position.


On a Roku, Chromecast, or other streaming device, choose your user icon and also then Settings. Under Autoplay, move the slider come the turn off position.

Amazon Video

With the following Up feature, a tiny box comes up in ~ the bottom corner of the display screen at the end of a TV episode, letting you conveniently start thenextepisode. To revolve off Auto Play, go to Account > Prime video settings. Click the Player tab and also click turn off under Auto Play.


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