I simply recently downloaded the Yahoo app to get my email on, and also I am constantly getting notifications native Yahoo News. I want to rotate off the news notifications but not the letter notifications.

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I rotate off all notifications, yet I gain time-sensitive email messages and also I am absent a most deadlines with the notifications off, so i turned it back on.

But currently I"m death my battery due to the fact that I to be constantly having actually to check my phone since I never recognize if it"s an email or news that i don"t treatment about.

Can this be done?



The news notification can be collection inside the Yahoo Mail application itself.

Open the left navigating drawer (e.g. Through swiping from left to right, or tapping the "hamburger" icon on the top-left)Tap Settings in ~ the bottomUnder General, pick NotificationsUnder News an alert settings, tap Enable notifications to switch it off/on

Settings -> Sound & an alert ---> application notifications.Turn off the application you don"t want to advanced Notifications

Also see progressed option if any application deserve to read notifications and also should be permitted or not.


Select the 3 bars beside "inbox". Select "Settings" in the list. In the basic section choose "Notifications". Role to bottom to view News an alert section. Revolve off "Breaking News".

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when you see the alert, press and hold because that a couple of seconds until you see two icons. Insanity the one because that notifications (looks favor a bell with an "x" v it).

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