Tagging is critical part of any kind of social media service, as it permits you to inform others that you"ve mentioned them. This helps rise the with on the post, can make it much easier to find in the future, and provides a link that human being can click to watch that friend"s page.

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Let"s take a watch at few of the ways you can tag rather on Facebook. Keep in mind the your friends" privacy settings may influence the performance of several of these methods.

1. Tagging in status Updates and Comments

When you article a status update, you deserve to tag your friends by inputting an
symbol adhered to by their name. Together you type, a small window appears and updates automatically to show the best match because that the text you"ve entered.

Click someone"s surname (or use the arrow keys and also Enter) and also it will show up highlighted in blue on your post. This method you"ve successfully tagged them.

Facebook tags in Status
In addition to your very own friends, girlfriend can likewise tag various other people and also pages on Facebook. This consists of friends the friends, organization pages, and similar. The same an approach works because that tagging rather in comments across Facebook, too.

Just be aware that if your post privacy is collection to Friends, tagging someone makes your short article visible to your friends together well. You"ll watch the article privacy button change to Friends (+) come reflect this---see our overview to Facebook signs if this is new to you.

2. Mention Who You were With

Facebook allows you to add several elements to your posts, including feelings, place check-ins, and also similar. One of these lets you point out that you were with particular friends.

To use it, click the Tag Friends option, i beg your pardon looks prefer a blue silhouette of a human being with a tag next to it. This brings up a find box whereby you can enter a friend"s name. Use the box to pick one or more of your friends here. Be conscious that unequal the above, you deserve to only tags your very own friends utilizing this method, because you"re claiming that you were through them.

Click Done when you"re satisfied, and also you"ll watch a brand-new is with heat at the top of your status. Get in your write-up as usual and also people will view this heat to define who you were with. Choose the above, this permits friends of your friends to watch the post.

Facebook through Friends Tag
when tagging human being makes sense when discussing them in what your status says, this an approach is an ext useful for letting civilization know your friends were actually with you for something.

3. Photo Tagging

Tagging girlfriend in photos add to their name to a With heat in the photo"s description. It also lets others conveniently identify castle by mousing end their challenge in the picture.

In addition, photos the you"re tagged in show up in the Photos of You tab ~ above the Photos ar of her Timeline. Favor both the the above, tagging someone allows their girlfriend to check out the photograph too.

To tag an existing photo, open up it---the image deserve to be yours or someone else"s. Click the Tag symbol in the top-right, then click on a face in the image. Below the box, get in the name of a friend; friends of friends and also pages likewise work.

Facebook tag Photo
depending on the privacy setups of the human being you tagged and the owner of the photo, castle may have actually to grant the tag manually. And you could not watch the tag alternative at every on other people"s photos, if they have actually disabled the choice to let other human being tag your images.

If you desire to add tags come your own photo when you upload it, click the Edit switch at the top-left of the image when you have the write-up open. Click Tag photo native the left side, climate follow the same steps to click faces and also enter names.

Facebook edit Uploaded Photo

facebook Tagging made Easy

The above three approaches are the key ways to use the tagging function on Facebook. Usage the
an approach anywhere you want to highlight a friend or carry their attention to a post. Don"t forget the you can always share a attach to windy Facebook short articles if you simply want castle to check out something, too.

For more like this, have a look in ~ our guide to facebook etiquette to ensure her interactions room courteous throughout the site.

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Image Credit: Mactrunk/Depositphotos

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