Dear AdBlock: Is over there a method to in the interim disable my ad blocker?I love the AdBlock for Chrome extension, however sometimes run into cases when I should turn it off. For example, some websites will force me to turn off AdBlock if I want to review an write-up or check out a video.

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I want to have the ability to pause AdBlock occasionally so I can see the contents I desire to see, but I don’t want to open the flood gateways to ads complying with me approximately the internet. Is there a method to revolve AdBlock off temporarily top top a certain page, however keep the on almost everywhere else?


Conscientious Chris

Hello Chris,

That’s great question, and one that we acquire a lot! when our score is come block ads and also make the net a much less distracting place for all, we recognize there are details situations once you might need come disable AdBlock.

The quick answer to your concerns is: correct! You can disable AdBlock temporary on one site and stay safeguarded elsewhere on the web. There room a number of ways you deserve to do this right from the AdBlock menu.

Read on for much more info on how to temporary disable AdBlock so you can accessibility the content you enjoy!

When It can Make feeling to temporarily Disable AdBlock

Wait a minute — why would anyone want to disable AdBlock? we know transforming AdBlock off is not frequently anyone’s an initial preference, yet there space a pair of situations when you can want to temporarily disable AdBlock:

Visiting News Sites that Deny accessibility to advertisement Blocker Users

It’s no an enig that numerous newspapers have struggled to remain afloat together news intake has shifted virtually exclusively online. Without everyday subscriptions and also print advertisements to rely on, their main revenue present of two decades ago is effectively gone.

To compensate, many publications ask readers to revolve off their ad blockers in exchange for access to specific pages on your sites. Because that example, the Chicago Tribune greets you through this message once you click on an article:



Here you space met through a crossroads: disable your ad blocker to read the short article or go ago and visit one more site.

To review the article, disabling AdBlock takes just a couple of clicks and also AdBlock will immediately turn back on as quickly as friend visit a brand-new page.

Supporting your Favorite contents Creators

Most the us have actually favorite content creators who we read or watch regularly. We probably don’t know all the backend details, yet online ads likely consist of at least a section of your income. For example, part YouTubers knife money once viewers watch or click on ads before or during their videos.

When watching her favorite YouTubers or video streamers, you may want to turn off AdBlock for this reason you have the right to support their channels. You can even add YouTube and also Twitch networks to your AdBlock allowlist to store AdBlock disabled for details content creators (while maintaining it on almost everywhere else).

How come Temporarily Disable AdBlock ~ above Google Chrome

Now you recognize a couple of particular situations when it might make sense to revolve AdBlock off.

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So just how do you temporarily disable AdBlock in the Chrome browser? it takes two clicks and a matter of seconds! right here are step-by-step directions to in the interim disable AdBlock on Google Chrome:

Step 1: Click top top the red AdBlock stop sign in the top right corner of your Chrome browser. If you don’t view it there, click the puzzle piece and also it must be listed in a dropdown food selection of her extensions.