ATLANTA — To request an absentee ballot, a voter has actually to finish an applications for one absentee ballot. This have the right to be excellent on the Georgia Secretary that State"s website, or in person.

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The applications then must be went back to your neighborhood county plank of registrar"s office one of two people by mail, by fax, via email (as an attachment), or in person.

Once received, the absentee ballot application is processed and an absentee ballot is sent via united state Mail come the voter.

The voter need to ensure the the ballot is correctly filled out and returned to your local county plank registrar"s office by the moment the polls close on election Day.

If you submit your ballot via united state Mail, girlfriend will have to make sure you affix postage to the exterior of the envelope. The envelopes noted by the registrar room not postage paid.

Otherwise, you may provide your ballot in human to the registrar"s office or a designated drop box in your county.

When the ar registrar"s office receives your ballot, the details on the oath envelope will certainly be verified and also the registrar will certainly compare her signature to her voter it is registered card and your absentee application.

On choice Day, the ballot and also envelope are then separated to ensure the confidentiality the the ballot.

A voter can verify the their ballot has actually been embraced by visiting the Secretary of State"s my Voter Page. ~ logging in, examine the line in the left-hand column significant "Click here for Absentee Ballot status."

A crate will appear with the information regarding the recent absentee ballot submitted. It will suggest when the inquiry was received by the county, once the ballot was issued, as soon as that ballot was received earlier from the voter and the ballot"s standing -- whether it was embraced or rejected. If the ballot to be rejected, the will indicate a reason.

If your absentee ballot has been challenged, the ballot remains with the envelope, is not counted, and also the reason suggested on the envelope, in addition to the ideal section of the mine Voter Page.


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