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The NFL’s Buffalo receipt and new York jet play this evening at 8:25 pm ET ~ above CBS. And also for the first time ever, you deserve to watch that game live ~ above Twitter.

Twitter inked a resolve the NFL back in April come stream 10 of the league"s “Thursday Night Football” games. The partnership way people will have the ability to watch the Bills and also Jets for free on Twitter in most nations throughout the world.

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The video you’ll uncover on Twitter is the same CBS broadcast you’ll uncover on TV, just on Twitter-owned properties.

The major difference is the Twitter"s stream will certainly run alongside a bunch of maintain tweets about the game, which means you"ll get even more #content on the screen than you perform from a usual broadcast. Twitter likes to bill itself as the second screen come television. Currently the two room colliding.

Sound interesting? Here"s just how you can watch the video game tonight.

On Twitter:

You have the right to stream the game from Twitter"s mobile app, top top or from among the brand-new set-top crate apps it introduced Wednesday for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Xbox One.

You don"t need a Twitter account to clock the game, and it will certainly be easily accessible in every country in the human being except for Canada. This type of an international reach was among Twitter’s marketing points as soon as it struck the deal in the very first place.

In the past, Twitter"s livestreams have actually been difficult to find. Don"t expect that to it is in the situation Thursday.

You can find the stream inside its moment tab, and the company says it"ll be using many in-stream promotions, choose the huge blue banner that shows up at the top of the feed because that other large events choose the Oscars or the super Bowl. If girlfriend do have trouble finding it, you can click here.

Update: Twitter announced a partnership v Time Inc. ~ above Thursday in i m sorry the Twitter stream and also accompanying tweets will also live top top and also because that free. You won’t have the ability to tweet native there, however you’ll be able to stream.

Off Twitter:

Twitter streaming Thursday’s NFL game is a huge deal to Twitter, however it’s not the only place you have the right to watch.

If you’re one of the few pay-TV subscribers who has actually Cablevision, you can sign in and stream the video game on and CBS"s tablet computer app. If you’re a pay-TV subscriber v literally anyone rather — Dish, Comcast, DirecTV — you won’t be able to stream the game from CBS. “We plan to add an ext providers throughout the season,” a CBS spokesperson speak Recode. (This is new, by the way. Last year CBS streamed a grasp of NFL games online without the must authenticate.)

If you a Verizon customer, friend can likewise watch Thursday’s game on a cell phone phone making use of the NFL cell phone app. (Fun fact: Live NFL gamings streamed ~ above the app don’t count against your data plan.) Or girlfriend can always watch top top boring old TV like most NFL pan will.

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