You deserve to play shows and movies from the TV app

. Purchases, rentals, TV+, and also TV channels play in the TV app, while content from various other providers dram in their video app.

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Tap things to check out its details.

Choose any of the following choices (not all alternatives are easily accessible for all titles):

Watch TV+ or TV channels: madness Play. If you’re no a current subscriber, tap shot It complimentary (available for eligible ID accounts) or Subscribe.

Choose a different video clip app: If the location is available from multiple apps, scroll down to how To Watch, then choose an app.

Buy or rent: confirm your selection, then complete the payment.

When you rent a movie, you have 30 days to start watching it. After ~ you begin watching the movie, you deserve to play that as plenty of times together you want for 48 hours, after i beg your pardon the rental duration ends. As soon as the rental period ends, the movie is deleted.

Download: tap

. Friend can discover the downloaded item in your Library and also watch it also when iphone isn’t connected to the internet.

Pre-order: evaluation the details, then tap Pre-Order.

When the pre-ordered item i do not care available, her payment method is billed, and you receive an email notification. If friend turned on automatic downloads, the article is immediately downloaded to her iPhone.

Note: The ease of access of to apologize Media services varies by country or region. See the article accessibility of apologize Media Services.

During playback, tap the screen to present the controls.









Skip behind 15 seconds; touch and also hold to rewind


Skip front 15 seconds; touch and also hold come fast-forward


Stream the video clip to various other devices


Change the playback speed, display screen subtitles and also closed captions (if available), and more


Start snapshot in Picture—you can continue to watch the video while you use one more app


Change the aspect ratio to fit the screen


Change the element ratio to widescreen


Stop playback

Go to settings

 > TV.

Choose streaming options:

Use moving Data: turn off to border streaming to Wi-Fi connections.

Cellular: choose High quality or Automatic.

Wi-Fi: choose High high quality or Data Saver.

High high quality requires a faster internet connection and uses an ext data.

Choose download options:

Use to move Data: turn off to border downloads come Wi-Fi connections.

Cellular: select High quality or rapid Downloads.

Wi-Fi: choose High top quality or quick Downloads.

High quality results in slow downloads and uses more data.

Languages: choose a language. Each added audio language boosts the download size. To eliminate a language, swipe left top top the language you want to remove, then tap Delete.

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The default language is the major language because that your nation or region. If girlfriend turned ~ above Audio explanation in Settings > Accessibility, audio explanation are likewise downloaded.