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H.R. 1 keeps in location federal and also state criminal legislations that prohibit noncitizens from registering to vote or voting.

Noncitizens that falsify their citizenship condition could confront criminal sanctions including jail time, deportation or fines.​

Some society media users space spreading a misleading claim about a democratic proposal to expand voting rights. They insurance claim that the bill, H.R. 1, provides immigrants illegal in the country the appropriate to vote. 

"For all of you that can’t think for yourself on the left … girlfriend cry endlessly around ‘foreign interference’ however you’re entirely ok with allowing ILLEGALS the best to vote by backing H.R. 1," reads one Instagram post. 

The short article was flagged as part of Facebook’s efforts to combat false news and also misinformation on its News Feed. (Read more about our partnership through Facebook.) 

The bill’s goal is to do it less complicated for eligible American citizen to register to vote. It doesn’t adjust federal regulation that bars noncitizens native voting in federal elections. 

"Nothing in the propose statute would make that legal for noncitizens to register and/or vote," claimed Rebecca Green, professor and also co-director of the Election regulation Program at william & Mary law School. "There are federal and also state criminal penalty prohibiting noncitizens from registering and also voting, which H.R. 1 does nothing come disturb." 

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No adjust to citizenship necessity to vote

The Instagram short article doesn’t include any evidence because that its assertions. Yet claims that the regulation would allow noncitizens to vote have often revolved about its provisions around automatic voter registration. 

Under the bill, human being interacting with federal government offices — such together a motor-vehicle or public-assistance company — will have actually their information forwarded to election officials for registration purposes, unless they opt out. 

But nothing about this automatic registration permits noncitizens to poll or register to vote. The bill specifically states that just "eligible citizens" will be registered under this provision.