Main distinction – mRNA tRNA vs rRNA

mRNA, tRNA, and rRNA are three major types of RNA found in the cell. Typically, RNA is a single-stranded molecule, writing of adenine, guanine, cytosine, and uracil in the structure. The pentose street is the ribose in every RNA nucleotides. RNA is developed by transcription, through the aid of RNA polymerase enzyme. Though every RNA form highly differ in your function, all 3 RNA species are mainly affiliated in protein synthesis. The main difference amongst mRNA tRNA and rRNA is the mRNA tote the coding indict of one amino acid sequence of a protein if tRNA carries details amino mountain to the ribosomes to type the polypeptide chain, and also rRNA is connected with protein to form ribosomes.  

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1. What is mRNA – Definition, Features, Function 2. What is tRNA – Definition, Features, Function 3. What is rRNA – Definition, Features, Function 4. What room the Similarities in between mRNA tRNA and rRNA – summary of typical Features 5. What is the Difference in between mRNA tRNA and rRNA – to compare of crucial Differences

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What is mRNA

Messenger RNA (mRNA) molecules carry a transcript that a gene, i m sorry encodes for a particular functional protein, from the nucleus come the ribosomes. The production of mRNA occurs by a procedure called transcription. The enzyme involved in the transcription is RNA polymerase. In eukaryotes, pre-mRNA molecules are processed to form mature RNA molecules v post-transcriptional modifications. The pre-mRNA processing consists of 5′ cap addition, editing, and polyadenylation. A 7-methylguanosine lid is included to the prior of the 5′ end. Some alters are permitted to the mRNA succession by editing and enhancing the sequence. A poly(A) tail with roughly 250 adenosine residues is added at the 3′ finish of the mRNA molecule to protect it from destruction by exonucleases. Top top the various other hand, eukaryotic bio pre-mRNA is created of both introns and exons. Alternative splicing is another procedure by which different combinations the exons room spliced with each other to attain several varieties of proteins from a single pre-mRNA molecule. Prokaryotes mRNA is qualified of producing a single kind of protein ~ translation.

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Figure 1: Pre-mRNA processing

The mature mRNA molecules are exported v nuclear pore to the cytoplasm. The maturation mRNA is interpreted into one amino mountain sequence that a particular protein in a process called translation. Translation is promoted by ribosomes in the cytoplasm. The warrior of a DNA sequence into an mRNA molecule and also the translation of one mRNA molecule right into a protein are called the main dogma of molecular biology. The coding an ar of each mRNA molecule is written of codons, which are three nucleotides, representing a particular amino mountain of the polypeptide chain. The development of tires RNA from pre-mRNA is displayed in figure 1

What is tRNA

Transfer RNA (tRNA) is a type of a significant RNA that specifically brings amino mountain to the ribosomes throughout translation. Each codon in the mRNA molecule is read by the anticodon of the tRNA to bring the details amino mountain to the ribosome. Typically, a tRNA molecule is written of about 76 come 90 RNA nucleotides. The secondary structure that tRNA is a clover-leaf shape. It is written of 4 loop structures known as D-loop, anticodon loop, change loop, and also T-loop. Anticodon loop is composed of a details anticodon the scans the match codon in the mRNA molecule.


Figure 2: transfer RNA

A tRNA molecule is also composed of an agree stem, which consists of a 5’ terminal phosphate group. The amino mountain is loaded into the CCA tail at the end of the acceptor stem. Some anticodons form base bag with number of codons by the wobble basic pairing. The second structure the a tRNA molecule is presented in figure 2. 

What is rRNA

Ribosomal RNA (rRNA) is a form of significant RNA that is affiliated in the development of ribosomes along with ribosomal proteins. The ribosomes is the protein-synthesizing organelle in the cell, translating the coding succession on an mRNA molecule right into a polypeptide chain. The synthesis of rRNA wake up at the nucleolus. Two species of rRNA molecules space synthesized as tiny rRNA and large rRNA. Both rRNA molecules incorporate with ribosomal protein to kind a small subunit and a huge subunit. The huge subunit that rRNA serves as the ribozyme the catalyzes the peptide bond formation. Throughout translation, tiny subunit and large subunit come together to form the ribosome. The mRNA molecule is sandwiched between the little and large subunit. Each ribosome is composed of 3 binding sites because that the binding of tRNA molecules. They room A, P, and E sites. The A site binds v the aminoacyl-tRNA. The aminoacyl-tRNA contains a certain amino acid. The aminoacyl-tRNA molecule at the P website is attached to the farming polypeptide chain. Then, the aminoacyl-tRNA molecule move to the E site.


Figure 3: Protein synthesis

Prokaryotes covers 70S ribosomes, which room composed the 30S tiny subunit and 50S big subunit. Eukaryotes consist the 80S ribosomes, which are composed of 40S little subunit and 60S huge subunit. Protein synthetic is shown in figure 3. 

Similarities between mRNA tRNA and rRNA

Each mRNA, tRNA, and also rRNA are encoded by the gene in the nucleus.The mRNA, tRNA, and rRNA space composed of adenine, guanine, cytosine, and also uracil.Both mRNA and also rRNA space single-stranded molecules.Both rRNA and also tRNA do not work with DNA.

Difference between mRNA tRNA and also rRNA


mRNA: An mRNA is a subtype of RNA molecule which carries a section of the DNA password to other parts the the cell because that processing.

tRNA: A tRNA molecule is a small RNA molecule, i beg your pardon is clover-leaf shaped and also transfers a certain amino mountain in the cytoplasm come the ribosome.

rRNA: an rRNA molecule is a component of the ribosome and also serves together the organelle that translation.


mRNA: The mRNA is direct in shape.

tRNA: The tRNA is a clover-leaf shaped molecule.

rRNA: The rRNA is a round shaped molecule.


mRNA: The mRNA carries the post of transcript DNA codes of polypeptides indigenous the nucleus come the ribosomes.

tRNA: The tRNA carries certain amino mountain to the ribosome, aiding the translation.

rRNA: The rRNA is associated with certain proteins to type ribosomes.


mRNA: The mRNA consists of codons.

tRNA: The tRNA consists of anticodons.

rRNA: The rRNA lacks codon or anticodon sequences.


mRNA: The dimension of the mRNA molecule is typically 400 come 12,000 nt in mammals.

tRNA: The size of the tRNA molecule is 76 come 90 nt.

rRNA: The size of the rRNA deserve to be either 30S, 40S, 50S, and also 60S.

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mRNA, tRNA, and rRNA are the three major types of RNA in a cell. Every three species of RNA consist of a unique function in protein synthesis. The mRNA tote the message of a certain protein from the nucleus to the ribosome. The tRNA molecules bring particular amino acids to ribosomes. The rRNA molecules are connected in the development of ribosomes, the organelle, i beg your pardon facilitate the translation. This is the difference in between mRNA tRNA and also rRNA.


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