The new England Patriots prepare to hold the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship game after earning home-field benefit throughout the playoffs.

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In fact, if the Patriots breakthrough to the supervisor Bowl, home-field benefit could it is in the ultimate difference. Granted, it absolutely helps having actually a quarterback such as Tom Brady on your side. However, the Patriots lastly have a defense the is gaining healthy and also ultimately peaking in ~ the perfect time.

Last week, the Patriots shut under Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos offense. Was that a fluke, or will it it is in the very same performance versus the Baltimore Ravens? Regardless, it appears the bye main did not hurt the Patriots in any kind of way.

Though, just the idea the the Patriots playing in their house stadium needs to be a sigh that relief. Unlike previous seasons, there haven"t been many teams that won consistently on the roadway this year.

The Patriots shed two of their three gamings on the road. They blew a double-digit lead against the Buffalo Bills and also were conquered by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Two other elite groups were perfect at house throughout the playoffs and the continual season. However, lock both struggled on the road, which had losses versus the league"s worst teams.


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In the end, the new Orleans Saints to be ousted critical week after ~ a sloppy power in mountain Francisco. The Baltimore Ravens can be the next team that suffers the exact same fate.

In the playoffs, home-field benefit is crucial to any kind of team, especially the Patriots. Bill Belichick walk not have to adjust his timing of practice and also meetings and also can use the extra time of researching the upcoming opponent.

The players won"t have to worry about the impact of various time zones. An ext importantly, the adrenaline is constantly up while play in front of the residence crowd.

Does that average the Patriots room a shoe-in to win the AFC Championship game? not by any type of means. In fact, this video game will be decided within the last five minutes.

Ultimately, house field benefit can come into play. While the Patriots usage it to your advantage, the Ravens have the right to only establish the chance that was missed to simple Super key run.

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